Have You Ever Just Found Money? Want To?

Have you ever looked down and noticed a rolled-up dollar bill on the ground? Maybe you saw it in the gutter and bent down to pick it up. What you thought was a dollar bill turned out to be a ten when you finally managed to unravel it in your hands. Perhaps you unwrapped that bill from its scrunched-up position to find a twenty dollar-bill or a hundred. Just imagine picking up what you thought was a buck and finding a bundle of Benjamins all rolled up with a rubber band. Whether you have ever found money like that, or you hope to someday, stick with me because I’m about to show you how you can find money without even leaving your home.

What is Found Money?

Found money sounds funny. The verb is in the past-tense and so it’s assumed that the money was already located. If you don’t have any money in your pockets, purse or backpack, or in the safe embedded in your wall, you may think that the concept of found money is a misnomer. Yet it’s not you that found the money, it’s the local US treasury that holds onto any funds that it finds through various means. Here are the most common sources for found money that you may be interested in.

1. You Moved Away: Did you recently move out of state and forget to gather all of your hard-earned money before you skipped town? You might have left a paycheck behind, a savings account or you may have left your stock broker high-and-dry. The result is found money in your name that is gathering dust as we speak.

2. You Didn’t Know the Money Existed: Your accountant told you that you were owed a certain amount of money and you received a check. End of. What if your accountant made a mistake and the IRS now has a refund in your name that you’re not aware of? That money would sit like a rock at the bottom of a found money vault, as many checks of its kind typically do.

3. You Have No Idea how to Search for Found Money: By far the biggest deterrent to the problem of found money being eradicated from our society for good is the fact that most citizens of this country have no idea that the problem even exists. Not only do most people not know that money is owed to them, but they haven’t clue-one how to search for it.

Have You Ever Just Found Money - Want To 1These individuals don’t know that you can simply go online to enter their first and last names, as well as their email addresses, to find the money that rightfully belongs to them.

Do your part for yourself, the money that is owed to you and the treasurers whose job it is to redistribute all the money that happens to be accumulating in vaults all across the country, and visit the aptly-named database Find Unclaimed Money. There you will be able to search using your personal information to finally put your own hard-earned money back in your pocket, purse or account.