Help Eliminate Lost Cash in 2014

September 26th, 2014 |

It’s amazing that, in this day and age, lost cash is still a thing. First of all, who loses cash? If you have ten dollars, you hang onto that ten dollars with everything you have. And if we’re talking about a hundred or even a thousand dollars, most people would defend that money with their life, or at least until they were beaten within an inch of it. Especially when you consider that social networking is everywhere, basically making the world a much smaller place with every passing year, it’s amazing that we’re still having the lost cash conversation. We are having that conversation, however, and for a very good reason. You’re being asked to help eliminate and find lost cash this year. Want to help? It could end up being a very worthwhile opportunity for you.

How Much 2014 Lost Cash Is Still Around?

The state of Oregon is currently sitting on $472 million dollars in unclaimed cash and property and its neighbor California has 1.16 million people who are owed money and property, and those are just two states out of the fifty in the union.

Well it turns out that all that money adds up to a lot, and the government would like to use that money to repair the various city and state infrastructures and other important causes, like building more schools for example. The government is blocked from using all that money, however, because it still belongs to you, or your neighbor, or the roughly one in eight Americans nationwide who are owed lost cash, property and money.

How to Find Lost Cash to Eliminate the Problem

To lend your hand and potentially put more cash or property into it, visit Find Unclaimed Money. This online database makes it simple to find what’s rightfully yours. Enter your name and any other information the site asks for and you’ll be taken directly to the results page. This page will show you how much you’re owed and who to contact to retrieve it.

If all Americans managed to take Find Unclaimed Money up on its offer of a free search, 2014 lost cash would be no more. The lucky ones who managed to find money or property would finally have their belongings back and the city and state governments would finally be able to use any excess for their much needed improvements.

So do your part and search today, and let’s do away with lost cash problem once and for all.

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Secrets of Lost Cash

May 30th, 2014 |

Here are a few secrets about lost cash that you might not know. In fact, there is a good chance that you definitely don’t know about them. It’s not your fault. Lost Cash hasn’t been a priority of the U.S. Treasury in recent years, and that’s a big shame. It’s big when you consider that there are billions of dollars in lost cash being held in Treasury vaults all across the country. Now, to finally shed light on this problem, here are three lost cash secrets that every American should know, especially if they have ever contributed to this problem. The following will let you know if you have in fact contributed to this problem, and what to do about it if you have.


First-Time College Experiences

Most people who find lost cash soon discover that it originated from the time when they first left home for the first time. For many, this time represents their college years. It was a time when they were a little younger, a tad-less smart and a whole lot careless. Not all people were this way, but a good portion were, and that’s the first lost cash secret that you should know.

If you rented an apartment back in college that required a security deposit, and half was refundable, you might have lost cash waiting for you. The same could apply to energy accounts, phone and cable service, and so on. You may even discover that your old college is holding a check for you that originated from tuition overpayments or refunds. Crazier things have happened.



Secrets of Lost Cash 1Think back to all the times you’ve moved in the past and you’ll be considering the second of the biggest lost cash secrets. Whenever people move, they tend to always leave at least one thing behind. As it turns out, money is a very popular thing to leave behind when you move across state lines. Even when people move across town, they may forget to close a bank account. Or they may change jobs and forget to collect their last paychecks. It sounds crazy, but these instances happen every day. That is precisely why there is so much lost cash available.



The IRS can be ruthless when it comes to collecting money; but when it comes to them owing you money, not so much. The only way to find out if you have IRS money coming to you is to search for it. That’s the third of the lost cash secrets: Millions of Americans are owed taxes from the IRS and have no clue! If only all those people would conduct a simple search, they would be able to have those tax refunds or overpayments in hand in a matter of days.

Whether you moved away for the first time, moved across state lines or you paid Uncle Sam a little too much – and now that you know these lost cash secrets – search Find Unclaimed Money and recoup any monies you may be owed today.

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Track Down Lost Cash in 2014

February 24th, 2014 |

With all the people scooping up lost cash lately, you might find yourself wanting to join in on the fun. Don’t worry, there are still billions of dollars left to be redistributed to Americans all over the country. If you suspect that you are a lost cash owner, you are encouraged to track down any instances of lost cash that may have occurred through the years. The website Find Unclaimed Money makes the process of tracking of this money easy.

Find Unclaimed Money is a nationwide database that will help you track and locate 2014 lost cash in varying amounts. Bank accounts, child support payments, the contents of safety deposit boxes and returnable security deposits are just some examples of lost cash that are found everyday on Find Unclaimed Money. You just need to conduct a search and you’ll find out instantly if you are part of the lost cash club.

Conducting a Search

Once you land on Find Unclaimed Money, you will be asked for a first and last name as well as an email address. This will ensure that the 2014 lost cash search results are sent to you and you only. If there is a positive result, you will need to verify your identity with the institution that is holding the funds in question. In most cases you will have to send a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate before any funds will be released to you.

With your identity verified, the lost cash will be mailed to you or transferred directly into your bank account. You are then encouraged to tell others about the 2014 lost cash search. If you can help your parents, siblings, cousins and all other friends, family and acquaintances track down lost cash, you will be doing your part to rid the country of this problem once and for all. With enough searches and if enough lost cash can be located and redistributed, we may see an end to this problem in the next few years.

It all starts with a simple search on Find Unclaimed Money. Search for lost cash and see how much you can track and reclaim today.

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The Most Popular Lost Cash Sources

April 15th, 2013 |

If you have ever tried to search for lost cash, you may have wondered where all that money comes from. The truth is, there are dozens of sources for lost cash. You may know the most popular lost cash sources, like tax returns and utility deposits, but you may not know about the other lost cash sources. The following list may surprise you as we recount all the ways a person might go about losing their hard earned cash.


Popular Lost Cash Sources – Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Abandoned Bank Accounts: This is one of the most popular sources for lost cash. People move away and forget to close their account or they think that closing the account will amount to too much trouble.
  • Tax Refunds: The IRS and many states are holding onto lost cash in the form of tax returns. You might want to check your previous years’ returns to see if any are missing.
  • Utility/Rental Deposits: These are also popular lost cash sources. People move away and the deposit that was supposed to be returned ends up lost in the mail.
  • Paychecks & 401K Accounts: These sources for lost cash are usually the result of a person changing jobs and/or careers.
  • Child Support & Other Court Payments: Child support, alimony, court settlements, these are lost cash sources that most people don’t consider.
  • Stock & Securities Accounts: Traders often abandon accounts with minimal amounts. These amounts may have grown over time, which makes this one of the best lost cash sources to search for.
  • Many More: There are quite a few more sources for lost cash. People are surprised all the time by sources for lost cash that people hadn’t even considered before.popular lost cash sources may reveal 100 bucks


You never know what or how much you’ll find until you conduct a proper search. Search for these popular lost cash sources and you just might find a hundred, a thousand or even more money in your name. The Find Unclaimed Money database is standing by. Which lost cash sources will you uncover?

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Lost Cash Could Triple

March 21st, 2013 |

Now is the time to claim lost cash, as the amounts being held by US treasuries are set to triple later this year. Right now millions of Americans are missing out on cash that rightfully belongs to them. Lost paychecks, insurance payments, inheritance checks, abandoned bank accounts and many more – they could all go to the rightful owners if those individuals merely searched for the money owed to them. The good news is that searching only requires an online connection and access to a particular database that may hold good news for 8 in 10 Americans everywhere.


Waves of Lost Cash

The Federal government and each of the US State Treasuries are on the receiving end of waves of lost cash. These checks flow in at an alarming rate and that makes it nearly impossible to trace and count the amounts coming in. Finding the rightful owners of all that money is even more difficult. The primary issue seems to be with individuals and families moving away from home. That’s why those individuals and families need to claim lost cash before the money’s considered abandoned forever.


How Does Cash Go Missing?

When a person moves, changes jobs or switches banks, oftentimes things get lost in the mail or records get crossed. Changes of addresses never get filed and all that money soon becomes lost cash. And that’s when it tends to land in some Treasury account where it will only collect dust for days, weeks and sometimes years. The only solution is for the person who owns the money to step forward and claim lost cash.


Claim Lost Cash Today

To find out if you are the rightful owner of any of this lost cash, you simply need to log into the Unclaimed Money database to conduct a single online search. This search typically consists of a first and last name, or the name of a business. If any money matches the name in question, you’ll find out almost immediately. Then you merely have to contact the government or corporate entity in question to retrieve the money that rightfully belongs to you.

Search for and claim lost cash today. You never know, you may find thousands of dollars or more in funds that you never even knew you had.

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