Why Unclaimed Money Is Continuing To Grow

November 13th, 2012 |

Why is there a continued upsurge in unclaimed money? This is the question many state treasury officials are asking themselves as the unclaimed money problem gets worse. As we near the end for fourth fiscal quarter and with a projected busy holiday shopping season coming up, many individuals and businesses will be looking for a little extra something to get buy, or to report to investors. This is why treasury officials are trying to get more of the public to become aware of the unclaimed money problem so that people can start helping to solve the problem instead of contributing to it.


Contributing to a Growing Unclaimed Money Problem

Unclaimed money can come in many forms. For some it can come from an uncashed paycheck and for others it can represent an insurance payment they never received after a bad accident. For some, it can be back child support payments that were never delivered and for others it can represent thousands in a lost inheritance the rightful owner didn’t even know was coming.

With so many sources for unclaimed money, it is easy to see just how the unclaimed money problem got so bad to begin with. Most of the time, the money isn’t even classified as unclaimed money until months or even years later, which makes the problem even more difficult to track or solve.


A Public Solution 

Treasury officials in all fifty states want the public to do more to help solve the unclaimed money problem. With billions being held all over the country, many citizens will find themselves richer after a successful search. Successful unclaimed money searches will also put more money into circulation, thus improving the economy.

If more people search for unclaimed money and then pass the word along, whether they found money for themselves or not, we may soon see an end to this unclaimed money problem once and for all. We have a long way to go as a nation if we are going to solve this issue, but if we all work together we may soon eradicate unclaimed money for good.

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The New Urgency To Finding Unclaimed Money In New York

November 7th, 2012 |

As New Yorkers everywhere are left scattered and still reeling after Hurricane Sandy battered the eastern seaboard last weekend, the urgency to find unclaimed money in New York is now greater than ever. Many New Yorkers are still without warmth and electricity, some without homes and many are left without the funds they need to feed, shelter and clothe their families. Right now unclaimed money might be the solution many New Yorkers are looking for.

Just imagine if in these New York residents dire time of need, most of them were placed with anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. I am sure it would help with being displaced, possibly even by putting a roof over some of these folks heads while right now they are currently spending they’re long days and nights in shelters. Even for the residents still residing in their homes, some still without power. I am sure they too could use any extra money they may have that is already owed to them on things like a generator, warm blankets and possibly even fire wood if they have the ability and place to actually light one.

The truth of the matter is, finding unclaimed money today is incredibly easy thanks to online and mobile technology. If you have a home computer, office computer, iPhone or Android device or any other Internet-ready mobile device like a tablet then you can easily go about finding unclaimed money in New York.

Unclaimed money can come from a number of sources and situations stemming from both the obvious down to the not very common instances as well. You may find that you have a security or utility deposit that was never returned to you. Maybe even an old inheritance you never knew about or would have never even dreamed about. It could even come from the less obvious situations mentioned before like a court settlement you never claimed or money from a life insurance policy that was overpaid or even just a refund from you car insurance company from an old check you never received.

The fact is, there are millions of dollars in New York unclaimed money accounts and more money keeps coming in every single day. The state treasury department is searching for answers to the problem but so far none have presented itself. Each state is trying very hard to try and put a stop to this growing unclaimed money problem and some are finally getting close. This year alone several states have been able to place over a million dollars in unclaimed funds back into the hands of it’s rightful owners through efforts like hosting booths at state fairs, issuing out nationwide PSA’s about this growing unclaimed money problem as well as continuing to list ways to track down and claim these types of funds in their local papers.

Due to recent storms in the area New York residents really need to focus on finding unclaimed money as a priority for during this trying time. The problem is with the amount of destruction and devastation, do New Yorker’s even have the time or ability right now to try and find it? Well with our help you don’t even have to contact the state treasury office directly. You merely have to enter your first and last name in the boxes on this website. Your name will be run through the databases of all fifty states and a few federal databases to determine if you have money available. Making this process super simple has been our goal which I am sure will really help out the New York state treasury office as I am sure they are already as busy as well as being quite difficult to reach.

If you find unclaimed money in New York, you can usually have a check mailed to you or in some cases you can have the money transferred directly into a bank account. Just think, by merely following the process for finding unclaimed money, you might just find the extra money you need to recover from Hurricane Sandy and any other storm that follows in her wake.

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Does Florida Really Have A Problem When Trying To Find Unclaimed Money

August 30th, 2012 |

Florida, like many states in the union, is facing a financial dilemma. Unlike other states, this financial debacle doesn’t have anything to do with student loans, budget cuts, banking scandals or anything of that nature. Instead, Florida is facing what has been called an unclaimed money problem. Unclaimed money is money left behind by normal, everyday citizens, yet the money will continue to sit there until the person comes forward. With so much Florida unclaimed money coming in year after year, it’s apparent that something needs to be done. The following tips are some ways that we can combat the unclaimed money problem in Florida.


How To Find Unclaimed Money

A few years ago it wasn’t very easy to find unclaimed money in Florida or in any other state. You had to go through a long drawn out process, and even then you couldn’t be sure that you had unclaimed money until you actually found some.

These days finding unclaimed money is much simpler. You only need a first and last name and the unclaimed money database will go to work. If you do have Florida unclaimed money, you’ll know in a matter of minutes. Then you merely have to go through the process of claiming that money, which is even simpler process once you know that the money exists. In some cases, you can even have the money wired straight into your bank account.


Now that we know how easy it is to find unclaimed money in Florida, we need to educate everyone we know. This can be done through:

  • Direct Mailers: Florida unclaimed money officials just don’t have the resources to send out mail pieces and post cards with information on how to find unclaimed money on them to everyone who is owed some money. That’s why we must take it upon ourselves. Is someone going to come forward and use their own money to make direct mail pieces with the hopes of alerting people to the unclaimed money problem? Time will tell, until then, there are other ideas.
  • Local Fairs and Festivals: Floridians planning to attend local fairs and festivals can set up booths telling everyone who attends about the Florida unclaimed money problem. All that’s needed is a table, some marketing materials and a computer that shows people how easy it is to search for and find Florida unclaimed money. Will people do this of their own volition? Again, time will tell.
  • Word Of Mouth: While most people won’t spend their money or their own time attending to Florida’s unclaimed money problem, it is likely that most will enjoy spreading the word by word of mouth. When you are fortunate to find unclaimed money in Florida, the first thing you want to do is tell others where you attained your newfound wealth. This can help spread the message that Florida does in fact have an unclaimed money problem and that residents, even former ones, might have money coming to them.


Regardless of how it’s done, we all need to do our part and spread the message far and wide that there is an unclaimed money problem in Florida and something must be done. How much money do you have sitting in Florida’s unclaimed money accounts? There is only one way to find out and that way is not to sit there and think about it. It requires taking action. First, search for the money and then, second, tell everyone you know. If everyone follows that formula, Florida will be rid of its unclaimed money problem in no time.

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Find Unclaimed Money: Why Money Goes Missing In The First Place

July 10th, 2012 |

Have you heard about the growing unclaimed money problem in this country? Right now around the country, state and federal governments have to contend with billions of dollars in unclaimed money and more keeps flowing in all the time. It seems like a great problem to have, constant streams of money, but with the government unable to use that money and with more resources needed to accept and manage that money, you can see how the unclaimed money problem is a thorn in the government’s side.

Where Does The Unclaimed Money Come From?

You would think that if Americans knew they had unclaimed money out there, it would be just as easy as claiming it. That’s the thing, however. Most Americans have no idea that there is any unclaimed money or property out there in their names. These individuals became a part of the unclaimed money problem and didn’t even realize it.

The most common reason for unclaimed money is because a person or family moves and fails to notify the proper government or corporate entities that may have unclaimed money in their names.

For instance, a man staying in an apartment has to pay $500 as a security deposit and half of that deposit is refundable upon move out. In the three years the man lives in that apartment, he completely forgets about the deposit and just goes on living life. When it comes time to move out, he moves and has no idea that the landlord is about to mail him $250. This is why you should always give your previous landlords, mortgage companies or any other housing entities your new address so that any money coming to you doesn’t get deemed unclaimed money where it won’t do you a bit of good.

Let’s look at another example where a woman moves out of state and fails to close out a bank account that has $40 in it. She’s not worried about the money since it’s so miniscule, but she never really gets around to closing the account either. Years go by and, before the woman knows it, the bank account has grown to several hundred dollars with compounding interest. The bank may have even deposited an error in her favor or a hundred other things may have happened to inflate the original balance. By the time the woman searches for unclaimed money, she finds that she’s hundreds of dollars richer.

These are but two examples of how unclaimed money comes about. You can see how moving away and failing to notify the government or your previous employer might result in checks being mailed and getting lost. Or at the very least, they fail to reach their intended recipient.

If the unclaimed money doesn’t reach the person, it will get sent back to the state or federal government. The latter is usually reserved for IRS tax refunds and such. Still, with all this unclaimed money out there the states and federal government would like nothing more than to see the problem eradicated for good.

So if you have ever moved or if you’ve ever paid a security deposit, if you’ve ever failed to cash your last paycheck, or if you’ve ever failed to receive a tax refund for any given year, you might have unclaimed money out there.

There are so many reasons why unclaimed money comes about, way too many to list here. If you think you might have unclaimed money out there, conduct a free search. You may find that you have hundreds or thousands of dollars out there that you didn’t even know about.

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