Different Ways to Find Lost Money

January 2nd, 2014 |

How many ways can you think of to find lost money? If you said one, two or even none, you’re not alone. Most of the population is clueless on how to find – and reclaim – any money that may have gone missing sometime in the past. The following will give you a few ideas on how to find the money that rightfully belongs to you, so that you can pad your bank account, stuff your pockets or otherwise reclaim your lost loot one dollar at a time.


A Short List to Help you Find Lost Money – Whether you lost a bank account, a pension account, a payroll check or a tax return, here are a few ways to find lost money:

Contact Your State: Are you a glutton for punishment and do you like to be put on hold for hours at a time while you’re forced to listen to your favorite songs from the eighties in true Kenny G style? Then you might want to contact your local state to inquire about any lost money you may have coming to you.

Different Ways to Find Lost Money 2Write a Letter: Or maybe you have the patience of a three-toed sloth and you’d like to write a letter to your state asking about lost money and how to find any that may be listed in your name. Your letter will probably be passed from department to department, if it’s even opened at all. And if you get a response back, expect it to be months later and with postage that you probably have to pay yourself.

Use the Internet: If you like the prospect of trying to find lost money from the comfort of home and by using any Internet ready device, you might enjoy the third option, which is to search for lost money using the web-based database aptly named Find Unclaimed Money. Find Unclaimed Money will ask a few simple questions before it instantly gives you the search results.

If you are hoping to find lost money, the third option doesn’t involve long wait times or horrible elevator music. You simply go online, find lost money and that’s it. If you have money available, you will be able to claim what is rightfully yours so that you can save it, spend it or wallpaper your home with it. After all, it’s your lost money and that means you’re free to do whatever you want with it. Happy hunting.

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How To Track Down Lost Money

August 15th, 2013 |

Get out your magnifying glass and put on your Sam Spade-style fedora; you’re about to learn how to track down lost money. The only thing you know about this particular mystery is that there are billions of dollars in lost money being kept in Treasury vaults all across the country. Only this money can’t be attributed to any particular people, at least not yet. That’s where you come into play. The trail has gone cold, but you’re about to pick it up. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go anywhere; you only have to point your Internet browser to Find Unclaimed Money.


The Lost Money Caper – Where Did It All Go?

Find Unclaimed Money is a database that was established specifically to help individuals like you track down lost money. It works by cross-referencing your name against all the names listed on the country’s lost money registry. If your name matches, you’ll be able to pick up the trail that will end with you claiming the lost money that’s rightfully owed to you.


Conducting A Search

enter your first and last name easilyYou might find it hard to enter your first and last name with that magnifying glass in your hand, so put that down first. Then give Find Unclaimed Money the information it asks for to begin the search. If there is a match and you are deemed to be the owner of lost money, you will instantly be notified. The database is so good that it will even give you instructions for claiming that money in just a few days.

Are you ready to play detective? More importantly, are you ready to see if you are able to track down lost money? You could find a healthy sum that went missing years ago. It could have come from a previous job, from your college, from a former relative’s estate, or anywhere else. You’ll never know unless you conduct a free and easy search.

With little to go on except a name and an inkling of hope, you should try your hand at Find Unclaimed Money. Never before in history has there been a mystery this easy to solve.

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Have Your Grandparents Ever Lost Money?

June 25th, 2013 |

Whether you know your grandparents, they’re estranged or even if they passed away some time ago, you can find out right now if your grandparents have ever lost money. Using an up-and-coming database called Cash Unclaimed, U.S. treasurers are urging all Americans to search for and find lost money that may have belonged to their grandparent’s generation. If all Americans search, treasurers theorize, we might be able to eradicate the problem of lost money in this country once and for all.


Your Grandparents And Lost Money

Cash Unclaimed helps people find lost money by searching for a first and last name. When you enter your grandparents’ identifying information into the Cash Unclaimed search box, you’ll find out instantly whether or not they have any lost money coming to them.

If a match is made, you, as the grandchild, can initiate the lost money claims process, but you might have to jump through a few hoops first. If your grandparents are still alive, they will have to be the ones to initiate the claims process. They will have to verify their identity and then the lost money will be mailed to them or deposited directly into their bank account.

If your grandparents are estranged, this is going to make the process for trying to find lost money difficult. If anything, the process for claiming the money might bring you closer again.

Are you a living heirIf your grandparents are deceased and you find lost money in their name, you’ll be able to claim it as soon as you verify that your grandparents are in fact dead and that you are the rightful heir of the lost money in question. You may find that the money has to pass through your grandparent’s estate and the person who controls it, but once that is finished you will be able to claim any lost money found.

With billions of dollars in lost money to be located all over the country, the time is now to search for your grandparent’s lost money. If you do find money and your grandparents are still alive, you might want to talk them into splitting it with you. You were the one to find lost money, after all.

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Lost Money, Lost Dreams

June 17th, 2013 |

Your dreams are only as close as your ambition…and how much money you have. If you think about it, most dreams involve some aspect of money. You either want a lot of money to travel the world, buy a mansion or you might dream of getting to a point where money isn’t an issue. You just have so much money that money doesn’t even matter anymore. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you have dreams that you left behind years ago, you might want to start searching for lost money. The money you lost may be the cause of your lost dreams. If you find the money again, that may be the catalyst you need to set your dreams in motion once more.


Lost Money May Be Waiting For You

To claim your lost money, you are encouraged to point your browser to the Find Unclaimed Money database. Find Unclaimed Money can help you claim your lost money in a matter of days. Simply enter a first and last name and hit submit. If you have lost money in your name, you will know in a matter of seconds. You may only find ten or twenty dollars, but many of the accounts on the state’s registry amount to a hundred dollars or more.

With money coming from sources all over the nation, from things like old bank accounts or tax returns, it is no wonder why there is so much of it piling up. There are so many more reasons money becomes lost and your dreams are lost out on as well, so don’t let this happen to you.

If you do find money, you will also learn the steps on how to claim your lost money within a couple of days. In most cases, you will have to verify your identity. This involves sending the treasury a copy of your driver’s license, social security card and birth certificate. a marriage certificate could be used to show a living heirIn some cases of living heirs you may just have to provide a copy of your original marriage certificate if you are trying to claim the lost funds of a deceased partner or spouse. You will then have to provide the treasury with a physical address or bank account number so that the lost money can be sent via check or bank account direct deposit.

Now is your chance to claim your lost money so that you can finally follow through with your dreams. Did you always want to be an artist, a lawyer or maybe a veterinarian? Maybe you always wanted to start a non-profit that gives help to troops returning from the war. Whatever your dreams happen to be, claim your lost money and make those dreams a reality.

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Lost Money Is Becoming Troubling

February 20th, 2013 |

The United States government is facing a problem and it doesn’t involve anyone or anything overseas. This is a completely domestic issue that must be dealt with. The problem has to do with lost money and how it has been and currently is being managed in this country. Every year the US government is on the receiving end of millions upon millions of dollars with no clear rightful owners. Most of the time, with so many leads coming in, they are quickly loosing track of the funds even if they have a pretty clear idea of who they actually belong to.

That really isn’t even the whole issue. On top of all this, then the State Treasury has to free up the necessary man power to turn around and try and track down the rightful owners of these funds and then get each of these individuals to go through the process of finally claiming it. If this lost money keeps piling up, soon the problem will become unmanageable. The issue is not only troubling because it affects the state treasurers as well as the people whose money is now lost but this lost money problem mainly hurts the entire country’s economy and everyone who lives in it.

Let’s look at a few ways our country is impacted by this enormous problem and what we can do as a whole and as individuals to finally solve it.


The Victims in the Lost Money Problem

Each year the treasury departments across the country are in charge of managing all the lost money that comes in. They are also responsible for returning that money to the rightful owners. This would be easy if every address and phone number were correct.  Unfortunately, the entire registry is filled with incorrect and outdated information. This happens when people do not update their new mailing address with the current state they live in. Or when the updated information is entered in wrong or still has yet to be updated and entered in to any type of tracking systems at all. That means that, essentially, state treasurers have a never ending job with an uphill battle that could possibly never be won.

Now shifting focus back on all of the people who have lost the money to begin with. All of these individuals may be out anywhere from two hundred to two thousand dollars, who knows, maybe more. With the economy in it’s current state, many people would be very glad to have just a few extra dollars in their pocket at the end of each month. Working together to try solving the lost money problem would definitely help return most of these types of funds back to the rightful owners.

Just don’t forget that the economy is also a victim in this massive lost money problem. With billions of dollars taken out of circulation country-wide, it’s no wonder people are scrounging for money after the bills are paid. Even if all the money was given back or properly placed and the owners saved it instead of putting right back into the economy, the government would still benefit. It would free up lots of man hours that are currently being spent just trying to keep track of and maintain these funds.

With all this being said, there really is not better time then now to return that money to the rightful owners and to finally do something about the lost money problem. To find out if you are contributing to the problem without even knowing it, search using your first and last name or even the name of your business or any company you may have owned in the past. you might have to wait for your lost funds to arrive in the mailYou will not only instantly find out if you are on the registry list and how much you have coming to you but you will be able to see the entities who are currently holding onto your unclaimed funds. Once you know who to reach you are on your way. In most cases with a simple verification process or update of personal information with your state you will quickly be wired out the money to your personal account, unless it has to be done by regular mail, then you just have to be patient. So search today and find out if you have any lost money that should be coming to you. You will not only be doing your part to help the country’s treasurers and the economy but you will be putting your own money back into your pocket after all these years.

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