Find Unclaimed Money Through Your Last Employer

December 3rd, 2012 |

Think back to your previous job and the day you left. Did you collect your final paycheck? Are you sure? Believe it or not, many Americans fail to collect and cash their final paychecks from their previous employers. This money gets funneled to the state treasurer’s office in the state in which the company operates and that money then gets sent to the unclaimed money department in that state. Unless Americans search for unclaimed money that may be coming to them, this money will sit there and it may get lost forever.


Your Final Employer Won’t Chase You Down

Many people wonder how a final paycheck can go missing. When people find unclaimed money and they find out the cash is from wages they earned years ago, they can’t fathom how they could have missed a dime of any money coming to them. Money is valuable, after all. Why would anyone just forget to cash a check, especially when changing jobs when times can be especially expensive and stressful?

The answer lies in money mismanagement, chaos and a number of other issues. When you leave a job, your employer is supposed to send the final paycheck to you. If you left your job due to a move, you might have failed to issue your employer your forwarding address. This could cause the check to get lost and ultimately end up in a lost money account. If you search for and find unclaimed money today, you could finally put that money in your pocket so that you can spend it however you wish.

The fact is, your previous employer is not going to go out of the way to hunt you down so that you can find unclaimed money that may be coming to you. Treasury departments don’t have the resources to locate you and help you find unclaimed money, either. That means that it is up to all of us, every American who has ever held a job and then left that job for whatever reason. Do you have unclaimed money coming to you in the form of wages you never claimed? Are you positive about that?

Find unclaimed money today by using your first and last name. Press submit and you could find yourself just a little bit wealthier in just a few moments.

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What Unclaimed Money Means For You

October 19th, 2012 |

You may have heard the term unclaimed money. When you hear that term, what do you think of? Some think of unclaimed money as money that was once here and is now lost. That’s one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is that this unclaimed money is money that is held in limbo. It’s money that belongs to you and yes, it is technically lost, but this money is being held in state and federal treasury accounts collecting dust until you, the rightful owner, comes forward to collect it. Right now there are billions of dollars in unclaimed money sitting in state and federal coffers. With so many sources for unclaimed money, it’s no wonder why there are so many meanings for unclaimed money for so many people.


Sources for Unclaimed Money

A short list sources for these lost funds includes:

  • Uncashed Paychecks
  • Unclaimed Insurance Checks
  • Court Settlements
  • Child Support Payments
  • Unreturned Rental and Utility Deposits


These are just some of the sources of where this unclaimed money can actually come from. These are also the main reasons that money keeps going unclaimed and keeps rolling in month after month and year after year. This ongoing issue has become a huge problem for states and the federal government. With these huge amounts continuing to come in every month, they are struggling to try and keep tabs on all of these funds as well as property in order to try and put a plan in action to curtail this flow of unclaimed money.

If more people become educated about unclaimed money and the growing problem, we might be able to eradicate it altogether. So when someone asks you to define unclaimed money, you should say that it’s money that belongs to you, you just have to claim it. How do you do that? You simply enter your first and last name into the unclaimed money search box on a reputable website. Make sure you check to see that the site you decide to utilize is not just a scam. A reputable site will have things like testimonials and contact information. So it is always good to take the extra step and check the site out before you enter any of your private information in.

This thorough search will reveal unclaimed money, if it does indeed exist, and you’ll even be able to see where it comes from. You will also be able to claim it by following a few simple steps. It’s just that easy.

Search for unclaimed money today and soon everyone you know will understand that unclaimed money means more money in your pocket, if you have money out there that is.

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Tulsa State Fair Jumps On The Unclaimed Money In Oklahoma Band Wagon

October 8th, 2012 |

Did you know that the state of Oklahoma is holding onto $100,000s in unclaimed money? Not just one, one-hundred thousand, but multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars – and this money could be yours if you are the rightful owner. To find out, all you have to do is attend the Tulsa State Fair this year. Yes, it seems that even Oklahoma is getting in on the unclaimed money bandwagon. There will be a booth set up this year where any resident can search to see if they are indeed the rightful owner of some of these funds.

In previous years Oklahoma has tried several different ways to get the word out about this growing unclaimed money problem and how to actually search for unclaimed money as well as claim it. They seem to have tried everything from issuing ways and lists of the unclaimed funds for all of their state residents as well as held booths at several smaller state fairs in hopes to draw more possible owners. By doing this Oklahoma seems to be drawing a larger crowd every year but this year they are combining their efforts to get the word out by holding a booth at their largest state fair as well as announcing it all over with newspapers as well as their local news channels.


How Does It Work?

Searching for unclaimed money used to be a painstaking process. Today it’s much easier. If you plan to go to the fair this year, look for the booth with the big sign that reads unclaimed money. This is where you will find Oklahoma state workers who are there to help you. Simply give them your first and last name and they’ll help you search the databases of the Oklahoma State Treasury, as well as the Treasury accounts in all 50 states and even a few federal government accounts. You’ll find out almost immediately if you are indeed the rightful owner of some of this cash.

If you can’t attend the Tulsa State Fair and you still think you might be the rightful owner of some of this unclaimed money, you can use your home or office computer or your mobile handset. Simply use your first and last name, just as if you were standing in front of the unclaimed money booth at the fair with your funnel cake, hot dog and soft drink in hand. So even though state fairs obviously have more perks then just the unclaimed money booth you don’t have to stress or worry about waiting around for the next fair to pop up.

If you do find money available using the find unclaimed money search, whether you’re at the home or office or at the fair, you’ll be able to arrange to have that money mailed to you or even forwarded directly into your bank account. This is how easy it is to find unclaimed money, which is why the state is taking matters into their own hands by setting up an unclaimed money booth at the Tulsa State Fair. Show up, try your hand at a search and hopefully you’ll help to ease the State’s burden by collecting the unclaimed money that’s rightfully yours.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Unclaimed Money Exists And How To Find It

August 3rd, 2012 |

Could you use a little extra money? How about a lot more money? Sure you could. Right now there are families losing their homes, their jobs and many families can’t even afford to put food on their tables. Whether you need the money for necessities or you merely want to splurge on a spa vacation, you should conduct a search for unclaimed money. First, you should learn why unclaimed money exists and then you should study how to find unclaimed money so that you can get a bit more income for you and yours.


Why Unclaimed Money Exists

The ten reasons why unclaimed money exists include:

  1. Bank accounts: The bank account was so tiny you thought you’d just leave it be. You never closed it and the balance grew. Now you have tens or hundreds or even thousands waiting to be claimed.
  2. Utility Deposits: Most utility companies return whole or part of your deposit to you when you move.
  3. Rental Deposits: The landlord may not have your forwarding address. Are you sure you received all the rental deposits coming to you?
  4. IRS Refunds: Did you collect all the tax refunds coming to you for all the years you filed? This is one of the main reasons why unclaimed money exists.
  5. Inheritances: A relative may have passed and left behind a lot of money. When you learn how to find unclaimed money, make sure you search in friends’ and family members’ names as well so that you can cover all bases.
  6. Safe Deposit Boxes: You or a relative may have abandoned a safe deposit box. You never know what you may find inside.
  7. Court Settlements: You may have won a court settlement and may have money coming to you that you don’t even know about. Some court settlements amount to thousands of dollars. How much do you think you might be getting?
  8. Insurance Payouts: Life insurance policies where you are the benefactor and other insurance payouts may be held for you until you come forward. You will need to learn how to find unclaimed money in order to receive this money and claim it as your own.
  9. Final Paycheck: Did you leave a job and somehow fail to cash your final paycheck? Maybe the final paycheck was mailed to you and you never received it? These types of situations happen often and this is another common reason why unclaimed money exists.
  10. Moving Away: The fact is, most people move and never receive the checks that may have been sent to them. This amounts for most of the unclaimed money in state and government accounts all over the country.


How To Find Unclaimed Money

Now that you know more about the process of losing money, let’s go through the process of how to search for this lost or missing money. You only need your first and last name. That’s it. You should also consider using your friends’ and family members’ names, just so that you can conduct a thorough search.

The more unclaimed money you uncover, the more you will help the states and the country’s economy as a whole. You might also learn how to find unclaimed money for you and your friends and family members, making you all just a little bit wealthier. The only thing left to decide is what to do with all the money you all have found.

Now you know why unclaimed money exists and how to search for unclaimed money so that you can claim it and spend it however you want. Happy searching.

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