How to Find Unclaimed Money in 2014

January 21st, 2014 |

You may have looked under your bed, in between your couch cushions and in your car for spare money, but it turns out you only have to search online. Many people are locating unclaimed money via the Internet, and the practice is putting much needed money in the pockets of men and women everywhere. To get in on the ‘find unclaimed money in 2014’ craze, head over to the Find Unclaimed Money database. With billions of dollars yet to be returned to the rightful owners, this year could prove to be a very rich one indeed for quite a few lucky families.


Do You Have Unclaimed Money Coming to You?

If you want to find unclaimed money in 2014, it might help to think back to all the times when you may have lost money as you progressed through the years. Some people abandon bank accounts that they feel aren’t worthy of their time; some fail to collect returnable security deposits and some have entire inheritances coming to them and they don’t even know it. Regardless of why you may have money coming to you, you will find it if you conduct an online search using Find Unclaimed Money.


How to Conduct a Search

Locate Find Unclaimed Money using your favorite browser and follow the short and simple instructions. You will be asked for a small amount of identifying information, which will be used to conduct the nationwide search. Your name and identity will then be checked against the millions of names that reside on the nation’s unclaimed money registry. If there is a match, the Find Unclaimed Money database will return an instant result.

If you find unclaimed money in 2014, make sure to spread the news to others so that they, too, can find unclaimed money in their names as the New Year begins. If enough people join in, we may be able to return every cent to the rightful owners and finally eradicate this problem within our lifetimes. We have a long road ahead, but it’s a road that is always made better when Find Unclaimed Money yields a positive result. Search today and see if you have any of this cash coming to you and yours.

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Understanding Unclaimed Money

July 30th, 2013 |

Find Unclaimed Money is a nationwide database that was established for the sole purpose of helping Americans everywhere search for and claim lost or missing money. When money goes missing, it gets sent to the state treasury where it will be added to the vault along with the rest of the state’s unclaimed money. And there this money will sit until the rightful owners announce themselves. If that never happens, the money could sit for years; and much of the country’s missing money has remained dormant for at least that long. It just sits there, gathering dust, waiting for the owners to step forward. Find Unclaimed Money is now ready to take on the responsibility of relocating all of that money to the rightful owners. The owners will have to take the initiative, but they’ll be glad to know that all those missing funds are only an online search away.


Unclaimed MoneyA Problem Worth Billions Of Dollars

The fact of the matter is that understanding unclaimed money becomes important if you think you might be the owner of some of that missing cash. The phenomenon isn’t new; it’s been around for decades, but it has recently grown out of hand. This money originates from bank accounts that have been abandoned, insurance claims that were never mailed to the proper recipient, child support payments, 401K accounts that were never cashed out – these are just a few of the sources of all of this unclaimed money. To make matters worse, most owners of this money don’t even know it exists. This is where Find Unclaimed Money becomes helpful.


Search Find Unclaimed Money And Satisfy Your Curiosity Today

Find Unclaimed Money offers a free search for anyone who thinks they may be the owner of some of this lost or missing money. The database is not affiliated with the treasury in any state or with the federal treasury in any way. Find Unclaimed Money was instead established by a third-party with the hopes of helping Americans everywhere claim what’s rightfully theirs.

The process works like this. The person who’s on the path to understanding Unclaimed Money will visit the Find Unclaimed Money database where they will be asked to enter their first and last name. That’s the entire process. Hit submit, wait for the results, and in an instant you’ll find our whether or not you’re the rightful owner of unclaimed money.

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How To Find Unclaimed Money

May 28th, 2013 |

Unclaimed money is finally hitting the mainstream. For a long time people thought that unclaimed money was just a myth or an urban legend. If you walked up to the average person on the street a few years ago and you told them that you could teach them how to find unclaimed money, they’d probably look at you like you were crazy. Perceptions are changing, however, and thanks to the Find Unclaimed Money database everyone can learn how to find unclaimed money from the comfort of work, home or anywhere else with the use of a mobile device.

The Public is Finally Paying Attention to Unclaimed Money

The Find Unclaimed Money database is a big part of why the mainstream is finally catching onto the unclaimed money phenomenon. The database, which is considered one of the largest in the world for finding and claiming unclaimed money, makes it simple to locate any dollar amount the states or federal government may be holding onto.

This makes the Find Unclaimed Money database is considered a blessing to treasurers all across the country. Instead of working to locate all the names on the unclaimed money registry (many of whom have moved away without notifying anyone of their new addresses), state and federal treasurers can now teach everyone how to find unclaimed money using any Internet ready device.

In order to teach people how to find unclaimed money, state and federal treasurers are urging people to visit the Find Unclaimed Money database to search using a first and last name. Business names can also be searched for. The search is free and only takes a moment. If the search is successful, you’ll see a dollar amount and special instructions for retrieving any money found.

Do the state and federal treasurers a favor and learn how to find unclaimed money. You may find ten, twenty, a hundred or a thousand or more waiting for you. And if you do find unclaimed money, you’ll be able to have that money in your bank account or pocket in a matter of days. Imagine finding a windfall that allows you to afford that next summer vacation. Log onto the Find Unclaimed Money database and see what the treasury has potentially been hiding from you all this time.

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Find Unclaimed Money In Any State

February 28th, 2013 |

Moving from state to state can be exciting. Suddenly you’re in a new environment with an entirely new community of people and you get to essentially start over in a whole new land. One of the problems with moving to another state is that oftentimes unclaimed money gets left behind. Abandoned bank accounts, returned utility and rental deposits that never reached you and inheritance checks you never knew existed – these are common reasons why people leave unclaimed money in the state they recently left behind. This is why it’s important to learn how to find unclaimed money in any state, especially if you like to move around a lot.


What Happens to Unclaimed Money?

Whether you abandoned a safe deposit box or you missed a tax return check from the IRS a few years ago, all of that unclaimed money will be sent to the treasury office in the state in which you resided at that time. If you move out of state, you can imagine how easy it would be for that money to become lost and forgotten forever. This is why it’s imperative to learn the techniques necessary to find unclaimed money in any state.


Find Unclaimed Money in Any State From the Comfort of Anywhere

you can even do an unclaimed money search from your phone on a hot air balloonThanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices, nearly everyone has the ability to search for and find unclaimed money in any state from pretty much anywhere. You could be lying on the beach, you could be at work or you could be in a hot air balloon soaring high above the ground.

Simply search the Find Unclaimed Money database using your first and last name. That’s all there is to it. The search will uncover sums in any state held by any government or corporate entity. If you do happen to find unclaimed money, you only have to verify your identity to claim what’s rightfully yours.

Search today and see if you can find unclaimed money in any state. You never know, you might have checks waiting for you in more states than you could ever possibly imagine. With so many reasons these types of funds turn into unclaimed or missing ones, you never really know how much money you have just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. I am sure you can use the funds on bills, debt, education or even a family or personal vacation. So why not take a few minutes and look?

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Learn How To Claim Unclaimed Money That May Belong To You

December 27th, 2012 |

The United States government is currently in possession of billions of dollars in unclaimed money and treasury officials are urging those who may be owed money to come forward to claim it before the money is considered abandoned forever. The problem is, most cases of unclaimed money go unreported and unnoticed completely, thus most Americans aren’t even aware that they have sums coming to them. If more Americans knew how to claim unclaimed money, we might be able to empty those overflowing treasury coffers and reunite some lucky people with their hard-earned money.


Where Does The Money Come From?

The first question most Americans ask when told that they may have sums of money coming to them is, “Where does unclaimed money come from?” The answer is not a simple one to give. Many times, when people attempt to claim unclaimed money and actually find a sum in their name, they find that it came from an old utility deposit or a paycheck from an old job they never cashed. In some cases, the unclaimed money originates from the estate of a dead relative. These are just a few examples of how someone might find unclaimed money in their name.


Claiming Unclaimed Money

It is now easier than ever to claim unclaimed money. In the past, people were forced to hire third parties who then charged them a commission on any sums of unclaimed money that were found. Today we have the Internet and that means that anyone can conduct a free, instant search for unclaimed money using nothing more than their first and last name.

The name will be sent through the unclaimed money database where it will be checked against the sums being held at the state and federal level. If a match is found, you can claim unclaimed money by contacting the organization that is holding it. The unclaimed money search will offer all the information you need, including the sum being held and the contact information for the organization in possession of that money.

If you are an American and you want to conduct an unclaimed money search, you can use the search box on this page. You never know how much you are owed unless you attempt to search and claim unclaimed money using the free and instant search. How much are you owed? There is only one sure way to find out.

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