Missing Money In Kentucky Is On The Rise

August 19th, 2013 |

Kentucky residents all across the state keep losing money and all of that missing money keeps clogging up resources at the state treasury. It turns out that $244 million dollars are now unaccounted for and very few individuals are stepping forward to claim what’s rightfully theirs. To find out how to get your hands on some of that Kentucky missing money and to put your mind to rest, visit the Find Unclaimed Money database.


The Search For Missing Money In Kentucky

You don’t have to travel to the Georgia state capitol building to find missing money in Kentucky; you don’t even need to get out of your chair. The search can be conducted in your pajamas or even in your underwear.

Using the Internet and any computer or mobile device, find the webpage dedicated to the Find Unclaimed Money database. This system will help you track Kentucky missing money down to its very source. If you happened to lose money from a former employer or you’re owed money from the IRS, the Find Unclaimed Money database will notify you and the results are instantaneous.

When you have landed on the page in question, you can begin the search for missing money in Kentucky by entering a first and last name. This will help you identify any property in your name not only in Kentucky, but across the country. And with billions being held US-wide, there is a chance that you could find a much heftier payday than you originally anticipated.

There is a chance that you could come up empty handed in your search for Kentucky missing money, but with $244 million to divvy out, it just might pay to take a shot.

Visit Find Unclaimed Money and help state Treasurers find some relief and potentially put more money in your pocket. The money belongs to you, after all. You might as well claim what’s rightfully yours. You could then tell everyone you know, particularly your Kentucky neighbors, that they too may have money in the Find Unclaimed Money database system. The more you help uncover, the more you’ll do for the state and the more of that $244 million we’ll be able to chip away at.

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Kentucky Missing Money On The Rise

January 30th, 2013 |

Kentucky missing money now amounts to a staggering $3.1 million and state Treasurer Todd Hollenbach hopes that more current and former residents will take notice. For years the state has been battling its unclaimed money problem. Even though Hollenbach has tried to get the word out about Kentucky missing money, few residents seem to care. Until those individuals step forward soon, the problem will continue to get worse and Hollenbach and his team may find themselves up to their ears in lost money.


How Missing Money in Kentucky Came to Be

With many current and former residents completely oblivious to the problem, few are stepping forward in an attempt to find missing money in Kentucky. All it takes is for the residents who are owed the money to step forward and the money will be returned to them. Why aren’t more stepping forward? Again, most don’t even know that the Kentucky missing money problem exists.

The money currently sitting in state Treasury vaults originates from nearly a dozen or more sources.

  • Abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes
  • Lost Wages
  • Unclaimed Tax Refunds
  • Money from Stocks, Bonds and Dividends


This is just a small list of where all that money originates from. Most often, the original owner of the money moves away and fails to notify the check issuer of change of address. This results in the check getting lost and ultimately ending up in a Kentucky missing money account.


find your Kentucky missing money accountHow to Find Missing Money in Kentucky

If you suspect that you may have Kentucky missing money coming to you, search with your first and last name and you’ll soon find out. With a simple online search you can find missing money in Kentucky and have the money mailed to you or direct deposited within a couple of days. In some cases you may need to take a few further steps to verify your identity or clarify your address. You might be able to do so by simply providing a copy of your state ID or passport or maybe even just a confirmation of address form sent to them directly from the DMV. Whatever the case it is usually pretty simple and quick to claim and actually receive these missing funds.

Imagine finding enough Kentucky missing money to fund your next mobile phone purchase or spa retreat. Maybe even pay off some stifling credit or personal loan debt. Perhaps you can finally take that much needed vacation with the family or maybe to go see and visit some family as well, the possibilities are endless. So stop procrastinating and putting it off, it only takes a few minutes and it is super easy to conduct a free search online with a trusted database. Search for missing money in Kentucky today and see how much Hollenbach and team are holding of your hard-earned cash.

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