Find Unclaimed Money In Florida Today

February 13th, 2013 |

When you think of a person attempting to find unclaimed money in Florida, you probably have two images in mind. You might picture the seafarer who anchors off of Florida’s coast in order to search for Spanish treasure or you might picture the elderly gentleman with his long sleeve shirt and casual beach shorts as he waves his trusty metal detector up and down the beach. While these folks may be looking for a type of missing money, there is another type that adds up to at least a billion dollars and you won’t find it buried in the ocean or the sand.

Of course we’re talking about Florida unclaimed money, of which 8 in 10 people may be the rightful owners of. There is also a way easier way to look for and find these types of funds then spending a full day, week or month walking around a hot sandy beach looking for “buried treasure” which might not even exist. Well these missing funds in Florida do exist and you don’t need a treasure map or a metal detector to conduct this kind of search. Just you very own first and last name and your is not only well under way but also quickly completed. So maybe you should think about it. Are you the rightful owner of lost or missing money? There really is only one way to find out.


Florida Unclaimed Money – No Scuba Equipment or Shovels Required

You really don’t need to dig around in the sand to find unclaimed money in Florida. You merely need an Internet connection and any kind of device to utilize it such as a lap top, tablet or even directly from your mobile phone. The fact is, right now the state of Florida is holding onto more than a billion dollars in lost or unclaimed money and the state’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property can not possibly contact the hundreds of thousands of people who are listed in the unclaimed money registry in Florida let alone nationwide.

That means that it is up to each and every single current and former residents of Florida to conduct their own search and finally find and claim their piece of this unclaimed money problem. A search that will only take but a few minutes and will actually benefit everyone involved.


Florida Unclaimed Money Sources

You may be wondering where all of this money comes from. The fact is, there are dozens of sources of lost or missing money. A short list includes but is not limited to:

  • Abandoned Bank Accounts/Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Missing Wages
  • Insurance Payments
  • Inheritances
  • Utility/Rental/Security Deposits
  • Tax/Overpayment Refunds
  • Company Stocks/Old 401K’s


old investments are just one of the causes of unclaimed money in FloridaThe amounts vary wildly, so much so that one person could find twenty dollars while another could find several thousand depending on the source. The names on the Florida unclaimed money registry originate from personal and business accounts alike, so residents are encouraged to search for both along with anything else you could possibly think of, when trying to find unclaimed money in Florida.

With over a billion dollars unaccounted for, it really is time to pull that treasury hunting ship into shore and throw down that metal detector. Finding unclaimed money in Florida really has become easier than ever. You really only have to do a search using your first and last name or any business names you might have owned and operated and see if you have any missing money in the great state of Florida that rightfully belongs to you.

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Does Florida Really Have A Problem When Trying To Find Unclaimed Money

August 30th, 2012 |

Florida, like many states in the union, is facing a financial dilemma. Unlike other states, this financial debacle doesn’t have anything to do with student loans, budget cuts, banking scandals or anything of that nature. Instead, Florida is facing what has been called an unclaimed money problem. Unclaimed money is money left behind by normal, everyday citizens, yet the money will continue to sit there until the person comes forward. With so much Florida unclaimed money coming in year after year, it’s apparent that something needs to be done. The following tips are some ways that we can combat the unclaimed money problem in Florida.


How To Find Unclaimed Money

A few years ago it wasn’t very easy to find unclaimed money in Florida or in any other state. You had to go through a long drawn out process, and even then you couldn’t be sure that you had unclaimed money until you actually found some.

These days finding unclaimed money is much simpler. You only need a first and last name and the unclaimed money database will go to work. If you do have Florida unclaimed money, you’ll know in a matter of minutes. Then you merely have to go through the process of claiming that money, which is even simpler process once you know that the money exists. In some cases, you can even have the money wired straight into your bank account.


Now that we know how easy it is to find unclaimed money in Florida, we need to educate everyone we know. This can be done through:

  • Direct Mailers: Florida unclaimed money officials just don’t have the resources to send out mail pieces and post cards with information on how to find unclaimed money on them to everyone who is owed some money. That’s why we must take it upon ourselves. Is someone going to come forward and use their own money to make direct mail pieces with the hopes of alerting people to the unclaimed money problem? Time will tell, until then, there are other ideas.
  • Local Fairs and Festivals: Floridians planning to attend local fairs and festivals can set up booths telling everyone who attends about the Florida unclaimed money problem. All that’s needed is a table, some marketing materials and a computer that shows people how easy it is to search for and find Florida unclaimed money. Will people do this of their own volition? Again, time will tell.
  • Word Of Mouth: While most people won’t spend their money or their own time attending to Florida’s unclaimed money problem, it is likely that most will enjoy spreading the word by word of mouth. When you are fortunate to find unclaimed money in Florida, the first thing you want to do is tell others where you attained your newfound wealth. This can help spread the message that Florida does in fact have an unclaimed money problem and that residents, even former ones, might have money coming to them.


Regardless of how it’s done, we all need to do our part and spread the message far and wide that there is an unclaimed money problem in Florida and something must be done. How much money do you have sitting in Florida’s unclaimed money accounts? There is only one way to find out and that way is not to sit there and think about it. It requires taking action. First, search for the money and then, second, tell everyone you know. If everyone follows that formula, Florida will be rid of its unclaimed money problem in no time.

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