Find Unclaimed Money In Ohio

June 11th, 2013 |

Ohio is hoping to end its unclaimed money problem soon. Ohio unclaimed money has grown steadily over the years and officials have so far done little to curb the escalation. Now a database hopes to ease the pressure on officials and put more money in the pockets of the hard working men and women of Ohio. Called Find Unclaimed Money, the database is already providing support to people who may be trying to find unclaimed money in Ohio right now.


Ohio Unclaimed Money – A Bigger Problem Than Most People Think

If you ask the average person to try to find unclaimed money in Ohio, they might look at you suspiciously. Everyone knows that there is no such thing is free money, even money that was once missing. Yet if you explain to these people that Ohio unclaimed money is a massive problem in the state and that the person you’re speaking to may already own the money in question, the tables may turn.

Right now hundreds of thousands of Ohio residents, and even some who moved away, may be owed Ohio unclaimed money. This money is abandoned, lost, sent to the wrong address or it has become Ohio unclaimed money via some other reason and now it needs to go to the proper resident. With people urgently trying to change their lives to cope with the ever struggling economy many have fled their home state to travel onto states with promises of job opportunities as well as a lower cost of living. In some cases people have done the exact opposite and have fled back to their home states to live lavishly off of family or to suck it up and save while living back at home with Mom and Dad. Then there are the unconditionally loving children who have moved back home and in with Mom and Dad or even Grandma and Grandpa, not for their own sake but to help out their struggling family. This is actually a lot more common then most people might realize. Right now it seems that everyone in the United States could use some extra cash and this is where Find Unclaimed Money is helping out enormously.


How to Search for Ohio Unclaimed Money

your money will be sent by mail or direct depositTo find unclaimed money in Ohio using the Find Unclaimed Money database, you must first enter a first and last name. This will search the name against all others in the Ohio unclaimed money registry. If you do happen to find unclaimed money in Ohio, you will be able to claim it by following a simple set of instructions. In most cases, you will receive a check in the mail but in some cases you can have the money wired to you via direct deposit.

Ohio unclaimed money isn’t going away on its own and officials hope that everyone will start using Find Unclaimed Money en masse. Log into the database and try your hand at trying to find unclaimed money in Ohio. You just might find a goldmine that you never even knew existed. You should also help the government even more by spreading the word about the Find Unclaimed Money database and get your family and friends to check it out. Heck you can even tell complete strangers about this great website to take that helping hand one step further. I am sure even if you have a family member your not to close with or don’t communicate with very often would be pleased to hear that you possibly found money under their name. Evey one likes good news and good news that comes with the possibility of money in the bank account is even better!!!

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Find Unclaimed Money In Ohio

January 15th, 2013 |

With over $1 billion in Ohio unclaimed money to contend with, State Treasurer of Ohio Josh Mandel has a very large job ahead of him. According to Mandel’s Treasury website, over 200,000 residents lose track of Ohio unclaimed money on a yearly basis. Mandel would like nothing more than to help these individuals find unclaimed money in Ohio, but it’s going to be up to the owners themselves if it’s going to happen anytime soon.


Ohio Unclaimed Money Sources

Mandel’s website sites two sources for the massive amount of Ohio unclaimed money in the Treasurer’s coffers. The first method is known as the abandoned account. This can represent bank or stock trading accounts that have been abandoned over time. Then there are the sums that simply can’t be tracked. These are sums that come from lost child support payments, unreturned renters or utility deposits, uncashed payroll checks – these are just  a few other sources of Ohio unclaimed money that all fall under the umbrella of funds that can’t be tracked by normal means.

While Mandel mentions only two sources for unclaimed money in Ohio, you should realize that there are many more than that. You may be surprised and find that you have a sum in your name from several years ago. That’s usually how it happens when individuals find Ohio unclaimed money.


How to Find Unclaimed Money in Ohio

If you live in Ohio or you used to live there, you can help Mandel do his job by searching the Find Unclaimed Money database. With over $1 billion to account for, there is a good chance that your money might show up on the Ohio unclaimed money register.

If your name does happen to show up, you will be able to claim the amount shown in by following a few simple steps. Imagine finding $100 or $1000 or even more in your name. Some have even found more than that searching the Ohio unclaimed money database.

Do your part to find unclaimed money and help the state Treasurer of Ohio do his job. You never know how much you might find and you’ll have done your good day for the deed just by searching.

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