Secrets of Lost Cash

Here are a few secrets about lost cash that you might not know. In fact, there is a good chance that you definitely don’t know about them. It’s not your fault. Lost Cash hasn’t been a priority of the U.S. Treasury in recent years, and that’s a big shame. It’s big when you consider that there are billions of dollars in lost cash being held in Treasury vaults all across the country. Now, to finally shed light on this problem, here are three lost cash secrets that every American should know, especially if they have ever contributed to this problem. The following will let you know if you have in fact contributed to this problem, and what to do about it if you have.


First-Time College Experiences

Most people who find lost cash soon discover that it originated from the time when they first left home for the first time. For many, this time represents their college years. It was a time when they were a little younger, a tad-less smart and a whole lot careless. Not all people were this way, but a good portion were, and that’s the first lost cash secret that you should know.

If you rented an apartment back in college that required a security deposit, and half was refundable, you might have lost cash waiting for you. The same could apply to energy accounts, phone and cable service, and so on. You may even discover that your old college is holding a check for you that originated from tuition overpayments or refunds. Crazier things have happened.



Secrets of Lost Cash 1Think back to all the times you’ve moved in the past and you’ll be considering the second of the biggest lost cash secrets. Whenever people move, they tend to always leave at least one thing behind. As it turns out, money is a very popular thing to leave behind when you move across state lines. Even when people move across town, they may forget to close a bank account. Or they may change jobs and forget to collect their last paychecks. It sounds crazy, but these instances happen every day. That is precisely why there is so much lost cash available.



The IRS can be ruthless when it comes to collecting money; but when it comes to them owing you money, not so much. The only way to find out if you have IRS money coming to you is to search for it. That’s the third of the lost cash secrets: Millions of Americans are owed taxes from the IRS and have no clue! If only all those people would conduct a simple search, they would be able to have those tax refunds or overpayments in hand in a matter of days.

Whether you moved away for the first time, moved across state lines or you paid Uncle Sam a little too much – and now that you know these lost cash secrets – search Find Unclaimed Money and recoup any monies you may be owed today.