Unclaimed Property News for the End of Summer

September 9th, 2014 |

This summer has proven to be a big season for unclaimed property. There are billions of dollars in land, automobiles, marine vehicles and cold-hard-cash. If you have ever moved out of state, changed jobs, left home for college at the tender age of eighteen or had a relative of yours pass away, you could have unclaimed property waiting for you. That’s the news. What you do about it is entirely up to you.


How to Respond to this Unclaimed Property News

Treasurers across the country have released the above unclaimed property news in the hopes that individuals like yourself will come out of the woodwork to start searching. In years’ past, it used to be very difficult to search for unclaimed property. You would have had to hire a private detective or travel to the capital of the state in which you reside. Even after jumping through the required hoops, there was no guarantee that you’d find anything.

These days, searching for unclaimed property is much easier. That is why this unclaimed property news is so pertinent. Treasurers want everyone to know that there is now a website that you can visit that will allow anyone – including you – to search for property using nothing more than your name and email address.


Find Unclaimed Money Makes Finding Property Easier

Unclaimed property is only a quick search away with Find Unclaimed Money. Just point your browser in that direction, fill in the required information and in a moment you will find out if you are about to make unclaimed property news. Take a moment out of your day and try the site out for yourself. Then, if you are one of the lucky ones who finds cars, boats, cash or all of the above, spread the word to everyone you know.

All you have to say is, “Have you heard the unclaimed property news? You might have property waiting for you.” Then point them in the direction of Find Unclaimed Money and tell them to hope for the best; just as the Treasurers who want this problem eradicated for good are bound to be doing.

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Understanding How Property Becomes Unclaimed

March 21st, 2014 |

If you were asked to take a mental stock of all the property that you own, how well do you think you’d do? You might consider your home, one or more vehicles, any land that you own, stocks and bonds, liquid cash deposits and maybe a boat or an RV. What if you were told that you might own property that you can’t immediately count for? According to recent reports, 8 in 10 Americans are owed property that went missing sometime in the past. Most of these Americans have no idea that the property went missing, nor do they know how to claim what rightfully belongs to them. To find out if you are one of those eight in ten Americans and to find out what types of property might be coming to you, it is important to further your understanding of unclaimed property by looking at a few of the ways property gets lost at all.

Unclaimed Property – A Few Real-Life Examples

Understanding unclaimed property becomes easy once you realize how hectic most Americans’ lives truly are. Most people have a job that takes up most of their day, a family to care for and social lives that take up the rest of their limited free time. Then there are hobbies, bills and general life problems that cause people to look the other way when, say, a check comes in the mail and ends up getting thrown away because the bill payer has opted for paper-free billing and just wasn’t expecting a paper check to come in. Or when a person changes jobs and betters their situation only to leave behind a 401K account and possibly even a bank account, a returnable security deposit and a final paycheck if they ended up moving out of state.

Understanding How Property Becomes Unclaimed 1Incidentally, the same whirlwind lifestyle that causes the money to remain missing also contributes to Americans not knowing that the money exists, or even how to search for it. Thanks to a media blitz, more unclaimed property owners are becoming aware of the problem; and many are finding out that searching for unclaimed property is simple once you know how.

To help with understanding unclaimed property and to claim any loot that may be coming to you, just in case you may have left some behind thanks to your hectic day-to-day, visit one of the largest databases of its kind in the world, Cash Unclaimed. Just make sure you have enough room in your driveway for a car or boat, enough money to house a boat at a marina or, you never know, there may be cash waiting for you at the end of the unclaimed property tunnel. Search today and find out.

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Track Down Your Unclaimed Property Online

August 7th, 2013 |

Your unclaimed property might be holed up in a government account somewhere and you won’t know about until you conduct a proper search. Wait a minute, you might be thinking, what unclaimed property? In case you’re not aware, every year millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed money and property end up missing across the country. This property gets lost for a variety of reasons and some are forgotten items left in storage units. Some are valuables left in safe deposit boxes; and some of it goes missing because people pass on and no rightful heir can be located. Whatever the reason, families everywhere are letting all of this unclaimed money and property sit where it just gathers dust. To claim any property that may be in your name, you don;t have to travel state to state to check with the treasury department, simply visit Find Unclaimed Money.


The Hunt For Unclaimed Property

If you want to know if your unclaimed property is being held without your knowledge, you can find out with a simple online search by Find Unclaimed Money. This nationwide database has been established to help Americans from Texas to Michigan, from North Dakota to Maine search for unclaimed property of all types. If you have a couch that you forgot in a storage unit in Mississippi, you’ll find it instantly when you search Find Unclaimed Money using your first and last name. Or at least you will find the amount of money it was sold for and who is currently holding onto it for you.

In a lot of unclaimed property cases there is a statue of limitations that varies per each state that will decide how long your physical property will be held onto for safe keeping for. This is even more common in inheritances where the deceased person had property randomly throughout the United States that not every one or any one in their family is familiar with. If this is the case and the statue of limitations expires in the state that the property is currently or was recently being held then the property will usually be sold at auction or liquidated if possible. Again, if this is the case then it will be the funds  you will be able to claim and not the actual property the money came from. If the property was being held in a bank vault and is still being paid to be stored then the actual property should be easy to come across as banks are private parties rather then actual homes or land that ultimately belong to the government.


The Initial Search Is Free

locate missing funds in KentuckyThe best thing about searching for your unclaimed property with this handy database is that the initial search won’t cost you a thing. Most companies and individuals that ask you if you want to search for unclaimed property want to charge you a fee or a percentage of the value of the property they help locate. Find Unclaimed Money is different. With a single search, you can instantly, and with no charge of any kind, find property that may have eluded you for all these years. That is, as long as your full name is listed for that piece of property on the state or federal registry or in national court records. To find out of you fall into one of these scenarios, visit the database today and do your part to help the country unload its overstock of unclaimed property.

You never know, your unclaimed property may turn out to be valued at thousands or even millions of dollars depending on what it actually is. Think about it, an antique diamond ring from a lost era or maybe even an old art collection from an unknown artist at the time that has now become world famous. It could be even simpler then that, like an old signed baseball card of a player who is now deceased or an autograph from a famous musician, either passed on or who was not yet famous. Are you intrigued yet? Visit Find Unclaimed Money and see if you’re one of the millions who have lost some type of property.

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Help Place Unclaimed Property

July 11th, 2013 |

If you’ve been looking to do a good deed lately, you might want to help the US government place unclaimed property. It seems like every day the US treasury is locating property that belongs to everyday citizens; only those citizens oftentimes don’t know that the property exists. This leads to a conundrum whereby the treasury is forced to hold onto this property until the rightful owners come forward. If the owners never find out about the property, how can they step forward to announce themselves? Hopefully you’re beginning to see how difficult it is to return lost or missing property once it’s been located by the powers that be.

Even worse about this problem is that depending on the state, after the statue of limitations has been met the property will be handed over to the government. Depending on how long it has been unclaimed for will also throw in a few more factors to consider. If the property was dilapidated and difficult to maintain or keep track of then after a certain amount of time, whatever might have been written in the will, this property can sometimes be sold, regardless of if it was a home, a small jewelry box or even a whole huge farm house with a barn and horses and the whole nine yards. The money is then kept in a government coffer until either the rightful owner is finally tracked down or tracks it down themselves to claim it or until it hits maturity (or the statue of limitations) and is then filtered into government accounts. I guess after they service and maintain these properties or funds for a while they feel the money has now been earned and will go back into the country.


Find Unclaimed Property – A Nationwide Search

To find unclaimed property and to relieve the government of having to manage any property that belongs to you, visit the Find Unclaimed Money database. provide your info to claim unclaimed propertyWith nothing more than a first and last name, you can potentially find lost or missing property that belongs to you or someone in your family.

Even if you don’t think it is even possible that you have unclaimed property waiting for you any where in the nation, it doesn’t hurt to conduct a search. All initial searches with Find Unclaimed Money are absolutely free. You can search for yourself or for family members as you attempt to find unclaimed property via this easy-to-use online source just by using a first and last name. It really is amazing how far technology has come and how it is now being used to help our government solve this ongoing unclaimed property problem.


Easy To Find And Claim

If you do happen to find unclaimed property – whether it’s a house, a boat, a car or a stack of collectible baseball cards – you will be able to claim all unclaimed property owed to you by following a series of simple steps. These steps will typically include an identity verification process, along with an inquiry for an address or bank account number so that the property in question can be transferred to your possession.

This process is so much easier than it has been in the past, so really, what are you waiting for? You may have unclaimed property waiting for you in the form of actual inherited property like a whole ranch or maybe just an old security deposit box or an antique collection of some type. The fact of the matter is that you will never really know until  you tale a few minutes and give it a chance. Use Find Unclaimed Money and conduct a simple online search to find unclaimed property and claim that property before it’s deemed abandoned forever and recycled back into the country. Unless of course that is what  you want to be done with your hard earned funds or family inheritances.

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What’s New With The Unclaimed Property Problem

July 1st, 2013 |

Are you looking to keep up with the latest news surrounding unclaimed property? You have come to the right place. We are facing troubled times on the unclaimed property front and it seems that the problems are only set to get worse – unless the solutions currently being put in place can do something about it. Let’s take a look at this new unclaimed property problem and the solutions that promise to rid the country of these issues forever.


Unclaimed Property – Not Looking Good

This new unclaimed property problem affects Americans all across the country. The more money that’s sent to the treasury because it can’t be identified as belonging to any one person, the less money that’s currently in circulation. This makes the treasury have to print more money, which further devalues the currency. This can have devastating effects on the economy in just a couple short generations, unless something is done now.

To help combat the problem of unclaimed property, a database has been put in place that can search for any funds using nothing more than a first and last name. To help treasurers battle this new unclaimed property problem, since log onto Find Unclaimed Money and search for your name. In an instant you’ll find out whether or not you are contributing to the problem, as well as how to recoup any money that may belong to you.

retrieve your unclaimed property in as little as a few daysThis is your chance to help the state’s treasurers and the entire country battle the unclaimed property problem once and for all. You can claim any money owed within just a few days and you’ll be able to help the economy and the dollar in one fell swoop. If everyone took a few minutes to help this country get control over it’s unclaimed property, we would be freeing up so much time for our state employees that they could start tackling other ongoing problems like taxes or state wide programs to help the local economy and business owners! Wouldn’t that be terrific for all of us in the long run?

Search for your name and claim your ten, twenty, hundred or thousand dollar check, or even more, and do your part to help the economy and the country in this new unclaimed property problem. If you don’t search, you’ll never know how much unclaimed property you have out there. Search today and you’ll satisfy your curiosity and put your property back in your possession once and for all.

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