2014 Tips to Finding Unclaimed Money

February 4th, 2014 |

Thanks to rampant media attention unclaimed money is finally getting the levels of attention it desperately needs. Billions of dollars may soon turn into trillions and that spells bad news for an economy that is still in an upswing phase.  For the economy to gain the strength it needs to recover completely and for Americans to get the most money they can to help improve consumer spending and financial peace of mind, families everywhere should make it a priority to search for and find unclaimed money. Here are a series of tips to help make the process of finding unclaimed money as simple as possible.


1. Banking Institutions

The first of several finding unclaimed money tips asks you to think back to all of the bank accounts you have ever opened and consider if you may have abandoned one somewhere along the line. Perhaps there was such a little amount in one of your accounts that you figured it would be easier to walk away from it than to close it via the proper means. Situations like that happen more often than you would think.


2. Pursuits in Education

Financial assistance – loans, grants and scholarships – oftentimes lead to people finding unclaimed money. It’s worth a shot to check with all colleges you may have attended, even if you only took a single class.


3. Name & Business Changes

Married women who have changed their names from their maiden names and individuals of both sexes who have opened and then closed businesses – you may have unclaimed money coming to you that you’re not aware of. This is one of those finding unclaimed money tips that most people never consider, as they never think to search for funds in a different name than the one they’re currently using.


4. Deceased Relatives

In some cases, finding unclaimed money yields a nice surprise indeed; such as the entire estate of a relative who recently passed away. You might find cars, homes or bundles of cash that were left to you from a long lost aunt, great-grandparent or third cousin twice removed.


5. Finding Unclaimed Money the Easy Way

2014 Tips to Finding Unclaimed Money 1All of these finding unclaimed money tips can be reduced to a single piece of advice. If you want to find unclaimed money from the comfort of home, your office or anywhere as long as you have an Internet ready device, visit the Find Unclaimed Money database and conduct a simple online search. It only takes a moment and the results are instantaneous.


Using Find Unclaimed Money, you can search for old bank accounts, errant financial aid checks, old business account funds or money from relatives who have since passed away. Make one of your New Year’s resolutions of making more money in 2014 come true by finding unclaimed money today.

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Fight Back Taxes This Year By Finding Unclaimed Money

December 17th, 2012 |

There is nothing more frightening that receiving a letter from the IRS stating that you owe back taxes. Ok, there may be a few things more frightening, but having the IRS tell you that you’re on the hook for hundreds or even thousands of dollars must rank up there. Most people are one illness away from living paycheck to paycheck. For many families, a large bill from the IRS can throw a wrench in vacation planning or it can even cut it into your kids’ college fund. A letter like that can make a person desperate to find the money to pay the large bill that’s owed. Luckily, there are billions of dollars in federal and state treasury coffers. This is your chance to try your hand at finding unclaimed money to help you foot the bill for any back taxes you might owe.


Finding Unclaimed Money to Pay Back Taxes

Many people borrow money when they owe the IRS or they take on extra jobs just to make ends meet as they pay off the back taxes that they owe. If these people would just search for unclaimed money, they might find that they can get the money they need without putting themselves in debt or breaking their backs.

All you need to do to succeed at finding unclaimed money is conduct a free and simple search online. This very page allows you to submit your name for a free lost or unclaimed money search. This search will test your name against all those in the federal and state treasury databases. By finding unclaimed money in your name, you will be helping the United States eradicate itself of the unclaimed money problem one search at a time.

Whether you succeed at finding unclaimed money or not, you should let others know that this unclaimed money exists. If you have friends or family members that owe back taxes to the IRS, they might appreciate the heads up that this money is available to be claimed at any time and with a free and easy online search.

Try your hand at finding unclaimed money and you just might find the money you need to pay off the IRS and take that much needed family vacation at the same time.


Finding Unclaimed Money May Boost Your Holiday Season

December 13th, 2012 |

With gas and food prices steadily increasing, more families are looking for ways to find a little extra spending money this holiday season. Families are finding it harder to purchase gifts for everyone on their list simply because they don’t have enough money to go around. There might be a way to get your hands on more holiday season cash and it doesn’t involve knocking over a liquor store or playing the lottery. You simply have to search for lost or unclaimed money. By finding unclaimed money, you could end up having a very happy holiday.


The Season of Finding Unclaimed Money and Giving

You’ve heard of the season of giving. Well, you can’t really give what you don’t have. If you end up finding unclaimed money, you will have more to give. You can use the money you find to buy gifts, give to charity, buy toys for kids to give to Toys for Tots and so on. It really depends on how much money you find.

Once you claim any money that belongs to you, you are free to do with it whatever you would like. So whether you are deciding to spend it on a charity, giving it out to the less fortunate yourself or just using it to make your families holiday a little brighter it really doesn’t matter.


Whose Money is It?

When you end up finding unclaimed money, the money actually belongs to you. The money may have come from an abandoned bank account, a safety deposit box, bank and insurance refunds, child support payments that were never collected, unreturned security deposits, and that represents a select few reasons why unclaimed money might be found.

To search for and find unclaimed money, you simply insert your first and last name into the text boxes for your first initial search for free. Once you do that, you will be sent through the Find Unclaimed Money database. The database is great at finding unclaimed money in your name and in derivatives of your name so that no stone is left unturned.

What would you do with an extra twenty, hundred or couple thousand dollars? You never know how much you might find unless you insert your first and last name and hit submit. Are you ready to go about finding unclaimed money? Hit submit and let’s see just how special we can make this holiday season for you and your family this year.

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The New Urgency To Finding Unclaimed Money In New York

November 7th, 2012 |

As New Yorkers everywhere are left scattered and still reeling after Hurricane Sandy battered the eastern seaboard last weekend, the urgency to find unclaimed money in New York is now greater than ever. Many New Yorkers are still without warmth and electricity, some without homes and many are left without the funds they need to feed, shelter and clothe their families. Right now unclaimed money might be the solution many New Yorkers are looking for.

Just imagine if in these New York residents dire time of need, most of them were placed with anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. I am sure it would help with being displaced, possibly even by putting a roof over some of these folks heads while right now they are currently spending they’re long days and nights in shelters. Even for the residents still residing in their homes, some still without power. I am sure they too could use any extra money they may have that is already owed to them on things like a generator, warm blankets and possibly even fire wood if they have the ability and place to actually light one.

The truth of the matter is, finding unclaimed money today is incredibly easy thanks to online and mobile technology. If you have a home computer, office computer, iPhone or Android device or any other Internet-ready mobile device like a tablet then you can easily go about finding unclaimed money in New York.

Unclaimed money can come from a number of sources and situations stemming from both the obvious down to the not very common instances as well. You may find that you have a security or utility deposit that was never returned to you. Maybe even an old inheritance you never knew about or would have never even dreamed about. It could even come from the less obvious situations mentioned before like a court settlement you never claimed or money from a life insurance policy that was overpaid or even just a refund from you car insurance company from an old check you never received.

The fact is, there are millions of dollars in New York unclaimed money accounts and more money keeps coming in every single day. The state treasury department is searching for answers to the problem but so far none have presented itself. Each state is trying very hard to try and put a stop to this growing unclaimed money problem and some are finally getting close. This year alone several states have been able to place over a million dollars in unclaimed funds back into the hands of it’s rightful owners through efforts like hosting booths at state fairs, issuing out nationwide PSA’s about this growing unclaimed money problem as well as continuing to list ways to track down and claim these types of funds in their local papers.

Due to recent storms in the area New York residents really need to focus on finding unclaimed money as a priority for during this trying time. The problem is with the amount of destruction and devastation, do New Yorker’s even have the time or ability right now to try and find it? Well with our help you don’t even have to contact the state treasury office directly. You merely have to enter your first and last name in the boxes on this website. Your name will be run through the databases of all fifty states and a few federal databases to determine if you have money available. Making this process super simple has been our goal which I am sure will really help out the New York state treasury office as I am sure they are already as busy as well as being quite difficult to reach.

If you find unclaimed money in New York, you can usually have a check mailed to you or in some cases you can have the money transferred directly into a bank account. Just think, by merely following the process for finding unclaimed money, you might just find the extra money you need to recover from Hurricane Sandy and any other storm that follows in her wake.

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