How To Tell If You’re Missing Money

August 27th, 2013 |

Most people assume that they would know full-well if they were missing money or not. They know that if they have $20 in their pocket and if that money goes missing, well then they’ve lost money forever. Even if the money is in a bank account, most people feel that they can log into their bank with their computer or mobile device anytime they want in order to view their balance and transactions. Yet even with all the control to view and keep track of and even with all the supposed awareness of their money, millions of Americans end up losing cash each and every year. If you want to know if you’ve lost money, head on over to an up-and-coming database known as Find Unclaimed Money to get your nearly instantaneous results.


How To Find Missing Money

The Find Unclaimed Money database will not only let you search for it, but you’ll be able to claim missing money, too, if you have any available. To find out, simply point your browser in that direction and enter your first and last name, as well as your email address. With potentially millions of names listed on the missing money registry that is kept and maintained by all the state and federal treasury offices, your simple identifying information will be used to determine if you have missing money coming to you. If there is a match, you’ll find out about it; and you’ll be able to claim it. Where, though, does all of this money come from?


What Is Missing Money?

The average American family loses money by abandoning bank accounts when they move from one locale to the next, not getting security deposits back from apartment rentals and utilities and from missing paychecks from former jobs. The truth is, there are dozens of sources for missing money.

If you want to try to claim missing money that may be in your name, visit Find Unclaimed Money and enter your information. The initial search is free and the entire process only takes a moment. You could find yourself just a little bit richer by this tomorrow, but you’ll never know unless you conduct a thorough search.

You might be one of those people who is sitting back after reading this thinking, I am so on top of my finances, this type of situation could never happen to me. Well, think harder… when you first started working, was it in another state? Are you sure you got all of your last check? Sometimes when you end a job they have a check ready for you but depending on how  you left it may not actually be your full last check, especially if there was any sort of commission involved. you might be thinking there is no way you haven't kept perfect track of your moneyHmm… didn’t think about that one did you? Or did you… but what about an old security deposit on an apartment you shared with several roommates that you assumed you would never see a piece of ever again. Well sometimes things clean up better then you would expect and a refund on your original amount should have been given. Maybe they even tried to contact you to give it back but were unable to due to your change of address, possibly a new number or a relocation to a whole other state. The idea here is that sometimes you think you are well aware that there could not possibly be money out there anywhere waiting for you when there actually is for very common and legitimate reasons as well. Now think about it and see that a few minutes of your time could turn out to be quite the investment.

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How To Check If You’re Missing Money

July 17th, 2013 |

If you ask most people if they’re missing money, they’ll probably put their hands in their pockets, open their wallet or look in their purse. Most people don’t think about turning to the internet to check for missing money. Yet the internet is exactly where you should go if you’ve ever changed jobs, changed homes or moved to an entirely new state. These activities are the prime contributors to people leaving missing money behind. To check for missing money that may be owed to you, visit an up and coming database called Find Unclaimed Money.


What is Find Unclaimed Money?

To check for missing money, you don’t have to go through the usual channels, which usually ends up with you on hold for three hours only to hang up out of frustration. With Find Unclaimed Money, you can search for any missing money that may be owed to you and you never have to pick up the phone. Unless you’re using the internet on your phone to check for missing money, of course.


Claiming Missing Money Is Just As Easy As Finding It

If you do find a match, you will be able to claim any missing money owed to you by following a few steps. This includes verifying your identity and notifying the government or corporate entity of your address or bank account information so that the money can be sent to you expeditiously.

finally track down an old last pay check and deposit it todayYou never know how much you might be owed until you conduct a search for missing money. With the process of using Find Unclaimed Money being so easy, you owe it to yourself to insert your first and last name before you hit submit. You could end up uncovering an old bank account, an old paycheck or a former child support payment that was intended to go to your youngest daughter. The sky’s the limit until you actually find out for yourself.

Check for missing money today. If you are owed money, you’ll definitely have a great day, especially when that check arrives in the mail or the money shows up in your account via direct deposit.

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Why Missing Money Is A Problem

July 15th, 2013 |

The missing money problem that this country is facing may not be talked about freely in the mainstream news media, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist that it’s not becoming more severe as time goes by. This problem amounts to a multi-billion dollar problem and there’s no sign of it slowing down. If something isn’t done soon, we may face missing money problem of even greater proportions; but what does that mean exactly?


Missing Money – What’s The Big Deal?

You may be wondering why anyone should care about the missing money problem. In order to see the magnitude of the problem, we should first discuss where all of this missing money comes from.  Have you ever rented an apartment that required a security deposit or turned on electricity service that required a deposit? If so, you may have been promised all or part of that deposit back. If you moved away and that check got lost in the mail, you would have contributed to the missing money problem. Now imagine that hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are contributing to the problem and you’ll see the dilemma at hand.

don't let your missing money sit in limboWith all of that money sitting in limbo – essentially gathering dust in a treasury vault somewhere – all of this missing money isn’t doing anyone a bit of good. It’s not adding to the economy, it’s taking away from it; and that spells bad news for a country that’s already fiscally depressed.

The solution is for all missing money contributors to search for and find their own funds, which will hopefully eradicate the missing money problem in our lifetime. To begin, point your browser to the Find Unclaimed Money database, which will ask you for a first and last name. Once you press submit, you’ll find out nearly instantly whether or not you’ve been a contributor to the missing money problem. If you have been, you’ll be able to see the amount owed, as well as the steps required for returning that money to your rightful possession.

What are you waiting for? You may be able to help solve the missing money problem that this country is facing. To do your good deed and to potentially put more money in your pocket or bank account, use Find Unclaimed Money to search for your missing money today.

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The Growing Missing Money Problem

June 19th, 2013 |

It seems like every day Americans across the country are missing money and U.S. treasurers are worried that the missing money problem could have irreparable effects on the country’s economy. The missing money in question originates from bank accounts that have been abandoned, checks that have been sent to the wrong addresses and never cashed and even tax refunds for returns that were never filed. To solve the missing money problem before the economy suffers, treasurers are urging residents everywhere to point their Internet browsers to an as yet unknown database that just might have the power to solve the missing money problem for good.


Missing Money and the Find Unclaimed Money Database

The database everyone is looking at to solve the missing money problem is called Find Unclaimed Money. Visiting the missing money database’s primary page reveals a search box where you will simply be asked to enter a first and last name. Once the user hits submit, the results are nearly immediate and that means that you could find the answer to help solve the missing money problem in a matter of seconds.

Due to money coming in from all types of sources it really is difficult to keep track of let alone try and solve the problem single handed. Not only do old forgotten about bank accounts, security or utility deposits add to this growing epidemic but other sources contribute daily as well. Like lost IRS refunds or IRA or social security payouts that have also been misplaced. Insurance is another huge contributor with old policy refunds going unnoticed or unclaimed as well as deceased loved ones policies having refunds or being attached to property or funds for their living heir(s).

If your name does match one of the names on the missing money registry, you will be given a file number that you will then give to the treasury so that they can issue you a check or direct deposit. Contact the state’s registry and tell them that you’d like to help solve the missing money problem and then give the person the file number you were just given. After verifying your identity, the treasury will ask for an address so that the missing money can be mailed to you or bank account information if you wish for the money to be deposited directly into your account.

In most cases, you can help solve the missing money problem and have the lost cash in your bank account in a matter of days. The United States treasury hopes that you’ll search and all that missing money isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Search today and you just might part of the solution to the missing money problem.

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Are You Missing Money?

May 6th, 2013 |

Reach in your pockets and log into your bank accounts – are you missing money? You may not think that you’re missing cash now, but wait until you hear about the millions of dollars that go missing every year that belong to Americans just like you. Each year the US treasury, as well as the treasury offices in all fifty states, are on the receiving end of billions of dollars in missing money. This cash originates from abandoned bank accounts, lost tax returns, misplaced 401Ks and more. If you want to find missing money that you may have lost track of somewhere along the way, you’ll be happy to know that you’re only a simple online search away.

Missing Money – How Does It Happen?

Before you learn how to find missing money, you should learn how it ends up missing in the first place. How do so many Americans lose track of their hard-earned cash? Regardless of why it happens, it does and it happens with enough regularity to cause treasury officials to feel strained under all the missing money that keeps flowing in. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most of the addresses on the missing money registry are incorrect.

It happens all the time; people move away and they fail to notify the state of their change of address. When this happens, it’s up to the person who is owed the money to find missing money. Since up until now the process for searching for and finding missing money was tedious and nearly impossible, you can imagine why all the cash started to pile up. With money being added left and right to these already stifling amounts, other situations like family emergencies or abrupt changes in employment and careers often take responsibility for the increase of funds as well.

finding missing money is like discovering buried treasureNow it’s easier than ever to search for and find missing money and for may it is kind of like discovering missing treasure. All you have to do is search for your first and last name using the Find Unclaimed Money database. This database, considered one of the largest in the world for locating lost cash, will help you locate any funds that may be owed to you, and it will help to facilitate a fast and easy transfer so that you can be reunited with the missing money that may have eluded you for months or years.

Search using the Find Unclaimed Money database today and finally reclaim your missing money today.

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