2014 is the Year to Help Solve the Missing Money Problem

February 12th, 2014 |

The time has finally come to tackle the missing money problem and you are invited to help. The missing money problem consists of billions of dollars that are being kept in treasury vaults across the country. The money belongs to someone; the treasurers in charge of managing the money just don’t know who at the moment. This is where you come in. You can help solve the 2014 missing money problem by conducting a simple online search. You can do it from home, your comfortable office or – if you have a mobile device – you can search from anywhere you please. To begin, visit the online database known as Find Unclaimed Money.


The Missing Money Problem Explained

The 2014 missing money problem is contributed to almost daily by the actions of people just like yourself. You may have leant your influence to the problem by abandoning a bank account or 401K account years ago when you changed jobs or moved out of state. Perhaps you failed to collect the returnable portion of your security deposit when you rented an apartment back in college. Or, if you’re like the millions of people who file their income taxes in April, you might have paid the IRS too much, resulting in a refund check that might seem substantial to you, but that is only a drop in the bucket when compared to the entire missing money problem.

Find Unclaimed Money is the database that seeks to help solve the missing money problem for good; but it can’t be done without your help. When you land on Find Unclaimed Money, you will be prompted to enter your first and last name. This allows the database to find a match and a possible amount from various institutions located in various states, making the process of searching for sums of money incredibly easy.

If it is deemed that you have contributed to the missing money problem, you will find out how much you are owed and how to access the money. In most cases, you can have the money transferred directly to your bank account, but most people are paid by way of a paper check.

Help solve the 2014 missing money problem by visiting Find Unclaimed Money today.

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Why Missing Money Is A Problem

July 15th, 2013 |

The missing money problem that this country is facing may not be talked about freely in the mainstream news media, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist that it’s not becoming more severe as time goes by. This problem amounts to a multi-billion dollar problem and there’s no sign of it slowing down. If something isn’t done soon, we may face missing money problem of even greater proportions; but what does that mean exactly?


Missing Money – What’s The Big Deal?

You may be wondering why anyone should care about the missing money problem. In order to see the magnitude of the problem, we should first discuss where all of this missing money comes from.  Have you ever rented an apartment that required a security deposit or turned on electricity service that required a deposit? If so, you may have been promised all or part of that deposit back. If you moved away and that check got lost in the mail, you would have contributed to the missing money problem. Now imagine that hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are contributing to the problem and you’ll see the dilemma at hand.

don't let your missing money sit in limboWith all of that money sitting in limbo – essentially gathering dust in a treasury vault somewhere – all of this missing money isn’t doing anyone a bit of good. It’s not adding to the economy, it’s taking away from it; and that spells bad news for a country that’s already fiscally depressed.

The solution is for all missing money contributors to search for and find their own funds, which will hopefully eradicate the missing money problem in our lifetime. To begin, point your browser to the Find Unclaimed Money database, which will ask you for a first and last name. Once you press submit, you’ll find out nearly instantly whether or not you’ve been a contributor to the missing money problem. If you have been, you’ll be able to see the amount owed, as well as the steps required for returning that money to your rightful possession.

What are you waiting for? You may be able to help solve the missing money problem that this country is facing. To do your good deed and to potentially put more money in your pocket or bank account, use Find Unclaimed Money to search for your missing money today.

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The Growing Missing Money Problem

June 19th, 2013 |

It seems like every day Americans across the country are missing money and U.S. treasurers are worried that the missing money problem could have irreparable effects on the country’s economy. The missing money in question originates from bank accounts that have been abandoned, checks that have been sent to the wrong addresses and never cashed and even tax refunds for returns that were never filed. To solve the missing money problem before the economy suffers, treasurers are urging residents everywhere to point their Internet browsers to an as yet unknown database that just might have the power to solve the missing money problem for good.


Missing Money and the Find Unclaimed Money Database

The database everyone is looking at to solve the missing money problem is called Find Unclaimed Money. Visiting the missing money database’s primary page reveals a search box where you will simply be asked to enter a first and last name. Once the user hits submit, the results are nearly immediate and that means that you could find the answer to help solve the missing money problem in a matter of seconds.

Due to money coming in from all types of sources it really is difficult to keep track of let alone try and solve the problem single handed. Not only do old forgotten about bank accounts, security or utility deposits add to this growing epidemic but other sources contribute daily as well. Like lost IRS refunds or IRA or social security payouts that have also been misplaced. Insurance is another huge contributor with old policy refunds going unnoticed or unclaimed as well as deceased loved ones policies having refunds or being attached to property or funds for their living heir(s).

If your name does match one of the names on the missing money registry, you will be given a file number that you will then give to the treasury so that they can issue you a check or direct deposit. Contact the state’s registry and tell them that you’d like to help solve the missing money problem and then give the person the file number you were just given. After verifying your identity, the treasury will ask for an address so that the missing money can be mailed to you or bank account information if you wish for the money to be deposited directly into your account.

In most cases, you can help solve the missing money problem and have the lost cash in your bank account in a matter of days. The United States treasury hopes that you’ll search and all that missing money isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Search today and you just might part of the solution to the missing money problem.

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Don’t Let Missing Money In America Continue To Grow

January 8th, 2013 |

There is a growing problem in this country and it has to do with the issue of missing money. Lost or missing money is not a new phenomenon. For decades states and the federal government have been noticing a heavy flow of missing money arriving at treasury offices. With no one to pin the money to, the money sits in government accounts where it is put on the back burner and essentially forgotten. Therein lies the problem. Missing money doesn’t contribute to the economy and the people who own the money don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. If you want to do something about the missing money problem, there is only one solution. It involves using your name and a simple online search.


How Much Missing Money is Out There?

Throughout the United States there are billions of dollars in missing money. The exact number is hard to pin down, since more lost money continues to flow in month after month, year after year. The bigger issue is that there is no one source for unclaimed or missing money. If it all came from abandoned bank accounts or lost payroll checks, that would be one thing. The problem is much bigger than that.

Missing money can come from safety deposit boxes, storage units, entire estates, child support payments and many more. And until we do something about this problem, it will continue to grow to even more record numbers.

To do your part and to ensure that missing money stops massing to unmanageable amounts, search with your first and last name and see if there is any missing money with your name on it. It’s a simple online search, it’s completely free and you will be able to claim the money and have it in your own account within a few days.

The state and federal treasury officers in charge of missing money would love nothing more than to erase this problem forever. Search the missing money database now using your first and last name. If a match is made, you will be able to see who to contact to retrieve that money and you will have done your part to solve the missing money problem for the entire country. Make sure you also spread the word so that more people know about missing money so that they, too, can do something about it.

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With Missing Money On The Rise How Will Our Economy Recover

November 29th, 2012 |

Missing money is rising into the billions of dollars nationwide and the problem is only getting worse. With so much money out of the hands of consumers and thus out of circulation, our economy will only dip lower unless we do something about the missing money problem once and for all. What can we do but sit and watch barrels and barrels of people’s hard-earned dollars being delivered to treasury accounts all across the country?

Yet hope is not lost. If you think you might have missing money waiting for you in a treasury account, regardless of the state, you owe it to the state, the nation and the nation’s economy to do something about it. Keep reading to find out what you can do to help solve the missing money problem for good.

So many people, too many in fact, don’t even understand what missing money is and where it even comes from. Missing money comes from everyday citizens doing everyday things. A person moving out of an apartment is mailed back half of the security deposit that was required upon move-in, yet the money never reaches the proper person. That money then becomes missing money. Or maybe it was supposed to be a refund from the utility company that was never sent out or maybe sent to the wrong address and just thrown away and never returned.

The money could be an inheritance, an insurance settlement or anything from almost else, and the money just sits in treasury accounts in all fifty states and even in a few federal treasury accounts and government coffers. The thing to do, if you are a citizen of this nation and you think you might have missing money out there, or even if you’re just a little bit curious, you should search online for missing money today.

To search for missing money, simply use your first and last name in the text boxes on this page. If you do find missing money, you will be able to collect it to spend as you wish. In doing so, you will help the economy by just that much more when it truly can use all of the help it can possibly get right now. Then, if you tell everyone you know about the missing money problem and how easy it is to search for missing money, you will succeed in helping the economy all the more. Keep passing the word on and we may be able to eradicate the missing money situation and help the economy all at the same time.

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