Don’t Let Your Tax Return Turn Into Lost Funds

January 29th, 2013 |

If you want to know how to find Alabama unclaimed money, you might want to look at your tax returns from the past few years. The Alabama department of revenue is holding onto millions of dollars in money that should be going to current and former residents. Much of this money comes from the tax man. To learn how to find unclaimed money in Alabama, you should first examine how this tax money goes missing so that you can determine where to search for and then claim this money that might rightfully belong to you.


The Tax Man Cometh – And There Goeth Our Money

As citizens of this country, we are well-aware of our obligation to pay taxes to the IRS. Most of us have these amounts taken out of our paychecks, but then there are the self-employed or corporations who typically have accountants handle the tax work for them. At any rate, millions of Americans file their taxes on the 15th of April each year and this usually results in a tax refund a few months later.

If you want to learn how to find Alabama unclaimed money, you’ll want to start investigating your past refunds. With so many people filing and so much commotion around tax time, it’s easy to imagine how at least a few accounts would have errors.

lost funds from unclaimed tax returnsThe IRS is composed of everyday Americans, people who are not infallible. They make mistakes just like you and I and for that reason, the refunds they fail to report are usually what people find when they search for unclaimed money.

If you received a refund and it happened to be the wrong amount, you may have a check coming to you from the IRS. You can also imagine that the IRS would not be in any hurry to expedite that check to you. If the check failed to reach you, it would have been sent to the treasury office in the state in which you reside. That means that you might have a tax refund check gathering dust somewhere in an Alabama Treasury office. Your job is to find unclaimed money in Alabama so that you can finally have that check mailed to you.

Now that you know where the refund amounts come from, you might want to learn how to find Alabama unclaimed money. Search using your first and last name on the text boxes on this page and you just might be lucky enough to take money from the tax man for once in your life.

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How To Find Unclaimed Money In Alabama

January 22nd, 2013 |

Young Boozer, the Alabama State Treasure, wants to teach the state how to find Alabama unclaimed money. The state is currently holding onto billions of dollars in lost or unclaimed money. With so much being stored in treasury accounts, Boozer is under pressure to return all that money to the rightful owners. Will he succeed at boosting the states economy by helping to return all of this money? Will he succeed in freeing up other government officials time currently being spent to maintain and keep track of this money to be used on other way more important matters the state is currently facing? Only time will tell.


Find Unclaimed Money in Alabama

The money being held by the treasury office comes from bank accounts that people never closed, tax returns they never collected, child support payments that were never delivered and a dozen other sources. There are so many sources, in fact, that the problem is almost impossible to detect and stop. This means that even more money will continue to flow into unclaimed money accounts until Boozer and his crew finally do something about it.

the easiest way to find unclaimed money in Alabama is to look for it


How to Find Alabama Unclaimed Money

Instead of launching a state wide media campaign, sending out direct mailers or some other venture to try and alert the public to the issue, Boozer is hoping that people will take their own initiative to find unclaimed money in Alabama.

With a simple online search, current and former residents will be able to recoup the money that they may have lost so many years ago. Many people find unclaimed money in Alabama from five and ten years ago and sometimes it’s even longer than that. This money will be kept safe and sound by the treasurer’s office until the money is claimed by the person’s whose name it’s in.

If you do find money, you will be able to claim it by contacting Boozer’s office. You will need to verify your identity, but the money will be expedited to you as soon as you do so.

If you want to learn how to find Alabama unclaimed money, the time is now to search with your first and last name. You could find an old deposit, a security bond or a check from an old job you used to have. Find unclaimed money in Alabama today and you’ll be helping Young Boozer, state Treasurer, do a fantastic job.

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