Found Money And How It Came To Be

March 6th, 2013 |

Found money can represent any sums discovered via a purposeful search or by mere accident. Where does this money come from? Found money on the street might be cash that someone dropped out of their wallet. Some people are lucky enough to find entire bundles of cash dropped by an armored truck or bank manager. For all intent and purposes, the found money we’re referring to has to do with the billions currently being managed by the US government. To find this money to spend as your own, all you have to do is look back to see if you’ve lost any sums that were once at your disposal somewhere along the way.


The Found Money Being Held by the US Government

Every year the US Treasury is on the receiving end of millions upon millions of dollars in lost or missing funds. This money becomes ‘found’ by the Treasury, but oftentimes there are no rightful owners to tie it to. Thus the money just sits in the Treasury account gathering dust, not doing the rightful owner or the economy one bit of good. The only solution is for the rightful owner to step forward to say, “Yes, I am the rightful owner of that found money.” Luckily, you don’t have to do any physical stepping or declaring to find money. All you have to do is conduct a single search on the Internet.


How to Find Money that May Belong to You

The rightful owners of all that found money are usually oblivious to the fact. They don’t realize that they lost the money at some point in their past. The lesson is to think back through your long financial history and ask yourself a series of important questions – Did an old apartment complex try to return a security deposit to you? Have you collected every cent of every tax refund you were supposed to receive throughout your lifetime? Have you ever had any bank accounts that you left behind, or maybe a safe deposit box?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, or even if you just have your suspicions, search for found money now and, if you’re like most people who find money, you may find more dollars than you ever expected.

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Tax Season Is the Best Time of Year To Find Money

February 11th, 2013 |

Most people hate paying taxes. They like the idea of taxes – that the money the country works for goes to things like improving roads, infrastructure and educating better teachers, but most people hate paying them. Hate is a very tame word for the way most people feel about giving money to the tax man. This leads many people to dream of one day sticking it to the very government agency that takes, takes, takes every year and hardly ever gives back. Would you like to stick it to the tax man? No, this doesn’t involve ski masks or windowless vans. Instead, it involves a simple Internet search that could help you find money in the hundreds, thousands or more.

Every year, millions of dollars ends up lost or missing at tax time. This comes from people paying too much and not realizing it, it comes about because tax return checks get lost in the mail, and a whole host of other reasons. That’s why you need to find money this tax season to hopefully get your hands on all of that money that has somehow been left behind.

All of that money, millions upon millions of dollars flows into State and Federal Treasury offices around the country. There the money sits and waits for the rightful owners to come forward. This money is literally just sitting there waiting to become found money. This is your chance to search for and find money this tax season. If you could use a little more cash in your bank account, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Find Money this Tax Season Online

These days anyone can find money using a simple online search that can be accessed via any Internet-ready device. Search using your name, your friends’ names, your relatives’ names and any businesses that may be in any of the names mentioned to see if any of these entities are entitled to any of this found money.

check for unclaimed money for your loved ones tooThis process of finding money for your entire social circle is a great way to alleviate the treasuries of all the money that accumulates during tax time and it is also a great way to make everyone in your circle just a little bit richer, including you. Just make sure you don’t overstep your relationships with any of these people if they tend to be more private. I seriously doubt they would be thrilled to hear that you have been looking for money or anything else under their name online. In most cases though, do you really think anyone would be too upset if you said to them that you found a site with unclaimed money listed in it and you found some under their or their family members or business names. I for one wouldn’t mind having a friend like that at all.

So stop procrastinating about it and do your part and find money this tax season with a simple online search. If you find money, that’s great and if you don’t, well at least you tried. They really is no risk to look and you never know what the first free search may bring up. It may go all the way back to your first bank account or job or even be a refund from your first landlord or tax return. Since it is free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This tax season find money and stick it to the tax man for once like you’ve always dreamed about.

The truth of the matter is we are running out of people and resources to maintain this growing problem. With our state and government offices scrambling to find a solution they are not really left with very much time to work on other issues that may be foreshadowed by this one growing one.

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Once You Find Unclaimed Money, Claim It!

November 5th, 2012 |

Have you ever done a search online for unclaimed money or missing funds? You know, the money that is classified as missing, lost or unclaimed is being held in state and federal treasury accounts until the rightful owners come forward and claim it. This is the same money that could be in your very own pocket going towards gas, food, vacations, bills, paying off debt, loans, mortgage or rental house payments, a car payment or maybe even a new car or even a down payment on a new home.

In order to get your hands on this money, you must first do a search and find it. Once you find this money, all you have to do is come forward and then claim it. In fact, it is just as easy to find money as it is to claim money, and you can do both from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere even if you only have an Internet ready mobile device or tablet. So get yourself prepared and ready to engage in a hunt to find unclaimed money. I mean, who couldn’t use a little extra money this year? I figure it really couldn’t hurt anyone to be a little more financially stable regardless of your current position. So if you are ready, then stop procrastinating, do the search and hope for the best.

Right on this very website, just like most other unclaimed money service pages, there are two text boxes that ask for your first and last name. If the initial search asks for more information then this then you may be searching using the wrong service or maybe even one that is not really able to fully do the search for you. So go ahead and try it out on the main page at the top and enter that first and last name now and press on the submit button. Once you do that, your search to find unclaimed money will commence. The database will then go through all of the treasury accounts of all 50 states and even nationwide federal accounts to see if there is any type of match. The database first searches your name and all derivatives of your name, just so that nothing is missed.

Once your search brings you to this step and you see any type of unclaimed, missing or lost funds under your name or maybe even a family members name then a more thorough search will then be conducted that will hopefully find the exact amount of money there actually is waiting for you. You will see your name with a dollar amount next to it if you do have money coming to you or a loved one. You will also be able to see the name of the company or government entity that is holding onto the money and you will be able to contact them to initiate a claim. Sometimes the search will even provide company details on how to go about making these claims faster and expediting the delivery of the money.

The process of claiming money really is this easy. You simply give them your old or new address, depending on what type of unclaimed funds you are trying to recover. Then you will also have to verify your state ID or drivers license. Once the verifications are checked and confirmed then you will be mailed a check for the unclaimed money that is owed to you or your family. Sometimes you can even have the money wired straight into your bank account, again depending on where the money is coming from and also based on how old the original money claim actually is.

So why wait, conduct a search now and remember, once you find money, claim that money and then urge everyone you know to find unclaimed money right now with a free and easy online search.

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