California Unclaimed Money Still Waiting To Be Claimed

Unclaimed money in California has reached a staggering $6.1 billion and treasury officials are left puzzled as to why more individuals aren’t coming forward. According to the state’s latest numbers, 17.6 million people and companies are owed this money. Unless the rightful owners come forward soon, the money might be considered lost and abandoned forever.


Let’s Put California Unclaimed Money Back Into Circulation

Six billion dollars is a lot of money and cash-strapped California could use some of that money to breathe some life back into the economy. Seventeen million people claiming billions in California unclaimed money will have a major effect on the state’s economy and let’s face it. Those families and corporations that are owed the unclaimed money in California could probably use it.


Claiming Unclaimed Money in California

Even if you don’t think that you have California unclaimed money and/or property in your name, treasury officials are urging all citizens to take the time to conduct a free online search. The Find Unclaimed Money search will only take a few moments and there is no obligation or charge of any kind. If unclaimed money in California is identified, the individual searching will only need to verify his or her identity and the money will be returned.

With success stories of Californians finding hundreds and even thousands of dollars in their name, and a few finding even more money than that, money they didn’t even know existed, treasury officials feel that all residents should try their hand to see if they can become success stories too.

With abandoned bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds and uncashed payroll checks waiting to be claimed by California unclaimed money owners, treasury officials are hoping that all residents find time in their busy lives to search for the money that could help make life a little easier for all involved.

Hopefully this year sees an influx of California unclaimed money owners being reunited with their cold-hard cash. With so much money on the line, it’s a surprise there isn’t a rush of online searchers desperately looking for money right now.