Claim Lost Funds in California in 2014

A new gold rush is taking hold in the Golden State. This one doesn’t involve nuggets of brilliantly colored metal. Instead, this gold rush involves the billions of lost funds in California. The good news is that you don’t have to rush down to the river with your pick, pan and shovel; you only need to search using the very online device you’re using to read this article right now. If you want to hit it big, don’t worry about prospecting, just point your browser to a nationwide database known as Find Unclaimed Money and enter your name. Like gold rushers panning for anything shiny, you never quite know what you’re gonna find.


How to Strike Gold with Find Unclaimed Money

If you want to claim lost funds in California, insert your first and last name when prompted and your likeness will be checked against all the other names listed on the state’s registry. A match could yield fifty, a hundred, a thousand or more dollars; or you could find a collection of coins, stamps or cars. With so much money and so much property being held in the Treasury vault, lost funds in California continue to grow and need to be distributed stat. This is where you come in.

If you want a piece of the California lost funds account, search Find Unclaimed Money today. You may find that you left a bank account back in your old hometown or that your old aunt Gertrude passed away and left you the family farm. Whatever the case, if you do happen to find lost funds in California, you will find out how to retrieve it instantly once you press the submit button.

Claim Lost Funds in California in 2014 1You can have any funds you locate sent to your home address via physical check or you can have the money deposited directly into your bank account. You will of course have to verify your identity, but California gold could be yours if you play your cards right.

In this case, the right card is your first and last name. You may find that you’re the rightful owner of a massive stack of cash; but you won’t find anything if you don’t search at all. To put the odds in your favor, point your browser to the database with the answer and pan for dollars in the California lost funds gold rush of 2014.