Colorado Unclaimed Funds

Colorado unclaimed funds are once again on the rise and if something isn’t done to stop the flow of missing cash soon, the state may indeed feel the pinch. Every year money goes missing from the average Colorado household. This money may go missing due to a tax return error or an errant paycheck. Whatever the reason, the money is showing no signs of stopping and this has treasurers scared. What happens when Colorado unclaimed funds reach the billion dollar mark? With all of that money lying dormant in a treasury vault, it’s not doing the economy any good; or the citizens for that matter. Before long, the people of Colorado will definitely feel the strain of unclaimed money at the cash register and the gas pump unless something is done; but what can be done about this growing problem?


The Hunt For Missing Colorado Money

You can do your part as a Colorado citizen by searching for Colorado unclaimed funds using nothing more than an Internet connection and some simple information. To begin, visit the Find Unclaimed Money database and enter the information it requests. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter any private information like your social security number or mother’s maiden name. Later on, when it comes time to claim any Colorado unclaimed funds that you happen to find, you may have to enter some identifying information, but that’s just to make sure that you are who you say you are. The treasury doesn’t want scam artists taking Colorado unclaimed funds when that money belongs to the hard working citizens of this state, after all.

conduct a search for unclaimed funds in ColoradoIf you suspect that you have unclaimed funds in Colorado, or even if you would just like to put your curiosity to rest, you will be pleased to know that your initial search on the Find Unclaimed Money database is free and the process only takes a moment. You might be thinking about that summer  you briefly spent there with family and a little part time job you forgot you had that you might have never collected a last check on. Or maybe you have family out there that you are not close with anymore that may have left you as an heir to their estate or collections. You really never know until you take the few minutes to conduct an actual search for unclaimed funds in Colorado!

Point your browser in that direction and enter the simple information the database asks for. In an instant you will receive your answer, and you could find yourself just a little bit richer. With millions still left to divvy out, this could prove to be a very lucrative summer for quite a few Colorado families.