Do You Have Unclaimed Child Support Waiting To Be Claimed?

If you have ever collected child support in the state in which you live, or in any other state for that matter, are you sure you collected all of it? In some cases, if child support was held in arrears by the court, that money may not have reached you yet. The court is supposed to collect all of the money involved in the child support case, along with whatever was owed in back child support. Then the court is supposed to forward all of the funds that were collected on to you. If you never received the child support money it is because that money is then sent to the state for safekeeping. This is how and where these types of funds become known as unclaimed child support.


Unclaimed Child Support In Your State’s Account

How would an individual go about finding out if they have unclaimed child support waiting for them? One of the ways is to call the court house where you sued for back child support or contact them by sending them a letter. Or you can call the state department that handled your child support payments. Of course you can contact the state department by mail as well but it will take much longer for the letter to be delivered and then sorted through by the state.

Regardless, either the state department or the court should have all of this information available. The problem is, with so many of these types of cases coming in, there is a chance that your unclaimed child support case could become buried in a sea of paper work and others cases just like it. A much faster and easier way to look into any back owed child support or any child support the state may currently be holding onto for you, is to conduct a free search online.


Unclaimed Money Search For Unclaimed Child Support

With only using your first and last name, you can conduct an unclaimed child support search that will determine if you have money waiting for you in any of the fifty states. If you lived in another state and collected child support there, you never know if you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars waiting for you. If you lived in a couple different states and you happened to be collecting child support in one or more states, you never know where the money might come from. It would be a far better idea to conduct an all-encompassing search online than to have to call each court house or state department in question looking for the unclaimed child support.

Now I am sure the person who was ordered to pay out the child support would probably like to know that money will go to the child in question. Sadly enough, for this to happen in some cases, you may need to find this money on your own. This is largely due to the courts and states being overwhelmed by these types of cases and may take them an exorbitant amount of time to actually get these funds sent out to you if you are not following up and pushing this issue or claim.

Searching for these types of funds or any other types of unclaimed money or property has never been easier. Besides, you really never know how much money that rightfully belongs to you, that you might actually find. So help why not help yourself and everyone else out and conduct a search to ease the state’s burden in carrying any unclaimed child support. Finally find and claim these funds and back child support payments¬† and help your child get the money back that he or she needs.