Find Unclaimed Money In California

During the gold rush, many people rushed to California to find gold and make a name for themselves out west. Of course many found nothing but sand and desert, snakes and critters and not much gold. It was a hard life back then where you actually had to load up your wagon, put your family in it if you had one, and take off across the land, not knowing what you would find or if you would ever come back. These days, it’s much easier to find gold. Well, not so much gold but free money. This is called unclaimed money and in California there is plenty of it. Once you find unclaimed money in California, you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t conduct a search of their own.


California Unclaimed Money

To find unclaimed money in California, you don’t have to load up your car, you don’t even have to leave your house or the comfort of your office. You merely have to search using your first and last name. You might think, “That’s it? So, let me get this straight. All I have to do is enter my first and last name and I might find unclaimed money in California?” That’s right. You could be broke one minute and a couple seconds later you could be tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer.


Why Aren’t More People Searching For Unclaimed Money In California?

That is a very good question, especially considering that fact that Cali could definitely use the money. See, there are many people in California who are out of a job and many more than that are relying on food stamps and other government programs to help them get through life. Once you start looking at the cold hard facts, you will soon begin to realize that California is facing a major economic downturn and there aren’t many solutions being proposed by those in charge.

The governor, mayors of the various California cities and even the representatives in Congress all agree that something must be done about California’s economy, and yet we don’t see an influx of people searching for unclaimed money in California. We don’t see men and women logging on to searching for unclaimed loot that actually belongs to them, only they can’t spend it or save it.

These people don’t realize that they may have money that comes from an old utility deposit they never got back, an old paycheck they never cashed or a tax refund that they filed for but never received three years ago. All of this is possible and it’s not even impossible to consider that you may soon be the owner of a plot of land or an entire house, just because some old relative died and left you unclaimed money in California.

To find unclaimed money, you know what to do. Instead of heading out west, you merely sit down at your computer or you can even use your smartphone. That’s right, if you have iPhone, Droid or any other type of mobile phone, you also can search for and find unclaimed money in California.

If more people searched for this money and more money was claimed, the economy might improve and California might be one of the first states in the nation to come out of the economic slump unscathed.

Until then, we can only watch the amounts of money build up. Hopefully, more people will find out about the unclaimed money in California and there will be a gold rush with a new slant – one you can rush to without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.