Find Unclaimed Money In Texas

Whether you live in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston or El Paso, or anywhere else across the great state of Texas, you might have Texas unclaimed money coming to you. If you live in Texas, you may find that a little hard to believe. “Free money?” You might be thinking. “Yeah, right.”

However, this missing money is a fact and many people are owed sums of varying amounts. Some are owed tens of dollars, some are owed hundreds of dollars and some are owed thousands of dollars. Some lucky people might have tens of thousands of dollars coming to them. You really can’t know how much money is out there until you start looking for and find unclaimed money in Texas. Let’s look at a few ways to search for and find this money so that you can save and spend it as your own.


Finding Unclaimed Money in Texas

Have you ever lived anywhere in Texas that required a security deposit? Did you have to pay a deposit to turn on any utilities? Are you absolutely positive that you have collected every tax refund you’ve ever had coming to you? What about paychecks? Are you sure you’ve cashed every paycheck you’ve ever had coming to you? Have you ever had a bank account that you failed to close because you thought the balance was too small? These are the questions you will want to ask yourself when you begin wondering if you do in fact have Texas unclaimed money coming to you.

If you think you do have missing money, you’ll need to find that unclaimed money in Texas. To do this, search using your name at the top and click submit. This will search through the Texas treasury database, searching even variations of your name, until a sum of money is found. If nothing is found, you will be told and you’ll have to find free money another way.

If you do find unclaimed money in Texas, however, you will be able to see and determine where the money originated from and how you can collect that Texas unclaimed money quickly and easily.

Once you verify your identity, the government or corporate entity in question will then mail a check to you or the money can even be sent to your bank account in some cases. You may even find that the government or corporate entity in question is close to your home so you may be able to travel there and pick up a physical check. This is something you will have to work out with the Texas unclaimed money officials when you contact that about the sum you’ve found.


Spending Your Money

Once you have found unclaimed money in Texas, you will be part of a special group that have lost money only to gloriously find it again. You now have free money that you didn’t have before that you can spend on groceries, bills or you can even treat yourself and go splurge. A shopping trip or even a family vacation might be in order, depending on how much Texas unclaimed money you find.

What are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you like to have some free money that you can go and spend on whatever you want? Start the search with your name, click submit and off you’ll go. You will know within a matter of minutes whether or not there is Texas unclaimed money waiting for you. How much money will you find? Will you find a twenty? Two hundred or twenty thousand? There is only one way to find out.