Have You Ever Found Money?

Ask the average person if they’ve ever found money and they’ll probably mention the time they found money on the sidewalk or in between the seat cushions of their car. Some are lucky enough to find wads of cash in an old jacket they haven’t worn in months, or in the pocket of a pair of jeans they haven’t fit into in years. While these ways of finding money are always exciting, there’s a more common way to find money and more people are finding money this way than through any other means.

How to Claim Found Money – Just a Search Away

To learn how to claim found money, you only need two things: an internet connection and a name. With those two things, anyone can claim found money from anywhere in the world. The Find Unclaimed Money database is considered one of the largest in the world for finding and claiming lost money.

Right now the federal government and all fifty states are currently managing billions of dollars, money that belongs to residents in all fifty states. This money comes from a variety of sources – misplaced bank and 401K accounts, lost paychecks and security deposits, payments that were sent to the wrong house or person, and dozens of others.

reunited with your lost cash and it feels so goodIn order to reunite the rightful owners with all of this found money, the US government is asking for the residents’ help. If everyone were to search the Find Unclaimed Money database using their first and last name, the treasurers around the country whose jobs it is to manage and appropriate all this money will finally be relieved of their burden. And all the residents who are owed the billions in found money will finally be reunited with their cash – money that they can now spend any way they want.

The time may be running out for some of this found money. The government will only hold onto certain types of funds for so many years. If you want to learn how to claim found money or you’re just curious to see if you have found money in your name, search Find Unclaimed Money using your first and last name and hope and that your name is on that found money registry.