How Easy it is to Find Unclaimed Money in California

California is teeming with unclaimed money and the residents don’t seem to know anything about it. If the hardworking men and women of this great state did know how much California unclaimed money treasurers are currently dealing with, they’d be calling the treasury in droves in an attempt to recover what is rightfully theirs. Right now there are checks, bank accounts and even pension accounts that are considered lost and missing; and this money won’t just disappear. It is just gathering dust at the treasury level. If you live in California or if you used to live there, and you want to find unclaimed money in your name, you will be glad to hear that there is now an easy way to find out.


The Unclaimed Money Locator

If you want to find unclaimed money and you don’t want to drive anywhere or call anyone on the phone, you only have to fire up your computer or mobile device and type the following into the address bar: Find Unclaimed Money (with no spaces, of course). This database has been established for the very purpose of returning lost or missing money to anyone who may have misplaced it. In the case of California unclaimed money, residents such as yourself will only need to enter a first and last name for the search results to yield a dollar amount.

How Easy it is to Find Unclaimed Money in California - 2If money does appear and you find that you are the owner of California unclaimed money, Find Unclaimed Money will offer instructions for having the money deposited directly into your bank account. Or you can have the money sent to you via check. The treasury just wants to return the money to the owners, they don’t really care how it is done. So if you think that you may have money, use Find Unclaimed Money and start searching for California unclaimed money today. Then, tell everyone you know so that California can finally empty is unclaimed money vault and do away with this problem for good.

Hopefully other states will start following suit. Until then, Find Unclaimed Money will have to help people find the money that rightfully belongs to them one account at a time.