How People’s Homes Become Missing Property

When you search for missing property, you might expect to find a coin collection or a collection of baseball cards from long ago, if you find anything at all. You might not expect to find a house, for instance. Yet many people are discovering entire homes when conducting a search for missing property. How the heck does that happen?


Missing Property – The Process

In most cases of missing property, a person passes away without leaving a last will and testament. A person’s will typically includes instructions on how to properly divide and distribute a person’s property. When a person leaves no will or when the succeeding heir cannot be located, the property becomes considered missing and essentially abandoned.

Missing property in the case of entire homes leaves state treasury officials in a sticky situation. In most cases, the taxes must be paid on the property in question. If nobody is living in the home and if the ownership of the home is in question, who should pay the taxes? This means that most treasury officials would love nothing more than to reunite the proper owners with these missing property homes.

Most treasury departments don’t have the budget to launch a nation-wide media campaign alerting all potential homeowners to the missing property situation. Instead, treasury officials must rely on word-of-mouth advertising. When a person searches for missing property and finds a home, others are likely to hear about it. This can cause them to search for their own missing property accounts and word gets passed that way. The great thing is, searching for missing property is as easy as typing your own name.


How to Search for Missing Property Homes

You never know if you have an entire home and property just waiting for you to step up and claim it. Simply enter your name into the Missing Property database and you will know the results within a few seconds.

If you do find a home, you will be provided with the proper contact information so that you may claim the home as your own. Then, you just have to decide if you are going to sell the home or move in and start a new life in new surroundings.