How To Find Unclaimed Money In New York

The New York state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli recently gave an interview to WBNG out of Binghamton to discuss the New York unclaimed money problem. With $12 billion to manage and not a lot of answers, DiNapoli wanted to make sure all New Yorkers knew how to find unclaimed money in New York. Let’s look at a few instances of people who lost and then found New York unclaimed money so that you can see how easy it is to claim what’s rightfully yours.


New York Unclaimed Money Success Stories

When you learn how to find unclaimed money in New York, you’ll finally be able to uncover any funds that may have remained lost to you throughout the years. Take for instance the story of Richard Paetzold.

Mr. Paetzold said that he always knew he had New York unclaimed money somewhere out there, but it was only years later that he found the money due to a clerical error. Mr. Paetzold recovered over $1,300 plus cash in stocks due to an error that had to do with his middle initial.

At 84 years old and with 10 grandchildren, Mr. Paetzold is only one of about 30 million New York unclaimed money accounts. This according to DiNapoli, who went on to say that there are all sorts of reasons for unclaimed funds. One example he used is the college apartment rental deposit, which is often returnable. If a person never received their deposit back, it could have been added to the state’s unclaimed money account. He says that many people don’t know it, but they have New York unclaimed money in their name, and the account could be years old.

DiNapoli said that most accounts range from $50 to $100, but some are even larger than that. He even said that a few years ago the department encountered an account that was valued at over $4 million.


How to Find New York Unclaimed Money

track down your lost funds in New York and help solve the unclaimed money problemIt is now easier than ever to find money that may be listed in your name. If you want to know how to find unclaimed money in New York, log onto the Find Unclaimed Money database, which asks for your first and last name. If a match is made, you will be able to claim that money by providing an address or a bank account number if you wish to have the money directly deposited into your bank account.

With $12 billion in New York unclaimed money, and with hundreds of thousands of residents just like you being owed money, it just might pay to search the Find Unclaimed Money database.