Lost Money Is Still A Growing Trend

When you think of current trends, what do you think about? Some growing trends you might consider include the prevalence of smart phones in everyone’s pockets or the fact that everyone seems intent on communicating on Facebook. What about lost money, however? You may not consider it to be a growing trend, but the fact is that lost money is flowing into state and federal treasury accounts and government coffers at an alarming rate. Unless we do something to curb the flow of lost money now, we may never get this lost money problem under control.


What Can We Do About Lost Money?

Right now there are millions upon millions of dollars sitting in state and federal treasury accounts and government coffers. These include bank accounts that people have abandoned or forgotten about, safety deposit box contents that have been sitting and haven’t been claimed in years. Sometimes this money gets lost due to utility and rental deposits that were never returned and even inheritance money that the person it belongs to might not even know about. While it may be hard to imagine, these are just some examples of where this lost money comes from.

With the lost money problem continuing to grow daily, so much money to account for and so many sources for this money to come from that is still flowing in, this is one trend that is not easy to get a handle on. The only way to control the money is to get more people to become aware of the problem. This is a public issue and we should be letting everyone know that the public is where this problem is going to be solved. Some states have taken these steps to get everyone in their region aware of unclaimed, lost or missing money. They have done everything from continuing to issue public service announcements through local magazines and newspapers as well as hoping on another new trend to try and combat this issue. Fair booths. Yes, you heard me right, some state treasury officials are even hosting their own fair booths to actually place these lost funds back with it’s rightful owners right then and there upon vising these government hosted booths.

The problem with these two popular options for getting the word out is that not everyone goes to the fair, or even reads the paper for that matter. With technology continuing to improve by leaps and bounds there is no need to physically pick up the local or even a nationwide newspaper these days. So that is why websites like ours are tackling this problem from the internet to take that extra step to really get the word out to everyone in this country. What most people don’t know is that even if you are no longer a United States resident but have ever collected a pay check here in the past or ever owned any property or accounts then you could be just as eligible as a current US citizen.

If everyone in every state in the United States and all over the world, searched for this lost money, we would finally get a handle on this problem. Not only that, but more people would have extra money in their pockets. If we could somehow get everyone to search for lost money at the same time, we might even help the economy recover faster since there would be far more money in circulation than before.

This lost money isn’t doing any good sitting in state and federal accounts. We need to do something now. The thing to do is search for lost money. Use your first and last name and press submit to conduct your first free search. Then, let everyone know how easy it is to search for and find lost money. We may be able to do something about this growing trend after all.