How To Check If You’re Missing Money

July 17th, 2013 |

If you ask most people if they’re missing money, they’ll probably put their hands in their pockets, open their wallet or look in their purse. Most people don’t think about turning to the internet to check for missing money. Yet the internet is exactly where you should go if you’ve ever changed jobs, changed homes or moved to an entirely new state. These activities are the prime contributors to people leaving missing money behind. To check for missing money that may be owed to you, visit an up and coming database called Find Unclaimed Money.


What is Find Unclaimed Money?

To check for missing money, you don’t have to go through the usual channels, which usually ends up with you on hold for three hours only to hang up out of frustration. With Find Unclaimed Money, you can search for any missing money that may be owed to you and you never have to pick up the phone. Unless you’re using the internet on your phone to check for missing money, of course.


Claiming Missing Money Is Just As Easy As Finding It

If you do find a match, you will be able to claim any missing money owed to you by following a few steps. This includes verifying your identity and notifying the government or corporate entity of your address or bank account information so that the money can be sent to you expeditiously.

finally track down an old last pay check and deposit it todayYou never know how much you might be owed until you conduct a search for missing money. With the process of using Find Unclaimed Money being so easy, you owe it to yourself to insert your first and last name before you hit submit. You could end up uncovering an old bank account, an old paycheck or a former child support payment that was intended to go to your youngest daughter. The sky’s the limit until you actually find out for yourself.

Check for missing money today. If you are owed money, you’ll definitely have a great day, especially when that check arrives in the mail or the money shows up in your account via direct deposit.

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