How To Tell If You’re Missing Money

August 27th, 2013 |

Most people assume that they would know full-well if they were missing money or not. They know that if they have $20 in their pocket and if that money goes missing, well then they’ve lost money forever. Even if the money is in a bank account, most people feel that they can log into their bank with their computer or mobile device anytime they want in order to view their balance and transactions. Yet even with all the control to view and keep track of and even with all the supposed awareness of their money, millions of Americans end up losing cash each and every year. If you want to know if you’ve lost money, head on over to an up-and-coming database known as Find Unclaimed Money to get your nearly instantaneous results.


How To Find Missing Money

The Find Unclaimed Money database will not only let you search for it, but you’ll be able to claim missing money, too, if you have any available. To find out, simply point your browser in that direction and enter your first and last name, as well as your email address. With potentially millions of names listed on the missing money registry that is kept and maintained by all the state and federal treasury offices, your simple identifying information will be used to determine if you have missing money coming to you. If there is a match, you’ll find out about it; and you’ll be able to claim it. Where, though, does all of this money come from?


What Is Missing Money?

The average American family loses money by abandoning bank accounts when they move from one locale to the next, not getting security deposits back from apartment rentals and utilities and from missing paychecks from former jobs. The truth is, there are dozens of sources for missing money.

If you want to try to claim missing money that may be in your name, visit Find Unclaimed Money and enter your information. The initial search is free and the entire process only takes a moment. You could find yourself just a little bit richer by this tomorrow, but you’ll never know unless you conduct a thorough search.

You might be one of those people who is sitting back after reading this thinking, I am so on top of my finances, this type of situation could never happen to me. Well, think harder… when you first started working, was it in another state? Are you sure you got all of your last check? Sometimes when you end a job they have a check ready for you but depending on how  you left it may not actually be your full last check, especially if there was any sort of commission involved. you might be thinking there is no way you haven't kept perfect track of your moneyHmm… didn’t think about that one did you? Or did you… but what about an old security deposit on an apartment you shared with several roommates that you assumed you would never see a piece of ever again. Well sometimes things clean up better then you would expect and a refund on your original amount should have been given. Maybe they even tried to contact you to give it back but were unable to due to your change of address, possibly a new number or a relocation to a whole other state. The idea here is that sometimes you think you are well aware that there could not possibly be money out there anywhere waiting for you when there actually is for very common and legitimate reasons as well. Now think about it and see that a few minutes of your time could turn out to be quite the investment.

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