Find Unclaimed Inheritance Money

Unclaimed inheritance money is one source of unclaimed money that is often overlooked. Unclaimed money has become an increasing issue the state and federal governments have been facing the past few years. Most Americans are unaware that they are able […]

5 Best Tips for Recovering Lost Money

There is lost money worth millions dollars in the United States, which also includes missing money still waiting for its rightful owner. If you are still dealing with a similar situation, then this article might be the best piece of […]

Many Become Lucky Finding Federal Unclaimed Funds

The government has noticed that finding federal unclaimed funds have experienced huge increase in the recent years and this have even proved to be a success for many across the country, whose success stories are inspiring others to do the […]

All You Need to Know About Found Money in California

Found money has grown to huge amounts in the State of California and you may be owed some of this money, even if you have never lived in the state. California has been trying to get this money back to […]

Best Ways to Reconnect with Missing Money

Most of us today are unaware of the term known as missing money because of our ignorance. Missing money is a financial asset that has no owner or has been discarded by its owner for over a period of five […]

Found Money

Have You Ever Just Found Money? Want To?

Have you ever looked down and noticed a rolled-up dollar bill on the ground? Maybe you saw it in the gutter and bent down to pick it up. What you thought was a dollar bill turned out to be a […]

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Lost Money

Help Eliminate Lost Cash in 2014

It’s amazing that, in this day and age, lost cash is still a thing. First of all, who loses cash? If you have ten dollars, you hang onto that ten dollars with everything you have. And if we’re talking about […]

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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property News for the End of Summer

This summer has proven to be a big season for unclaimed property. There are billions of dollars in land, automobiles, marine vehicles and cold-hard-cash. If you have ever moved out of state, changed jobs, left home for college at the […]

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Unclaimed Money

Help Find Lost Funds in Alaska

Alaska may be a cold place to live, but the state’s Treasury is most certainly a hotbed of activity when it comes to lost funds. In fact, the Treasury department is so overloaded with unclaimed checks, bonds, unreturned security deposits […]

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Recent Articles

2014 is the Year to Help Solve the Missing Money Problem

The time has finally come to tackle the missing money problem and you are invited to help. The missing money problem consists of billions of dollars that are being kept in treasury vaults across the country. The money belongs to […]

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2014 Tips to Finding Unclaimed Money

Thanks to rampant media attention unclaimed money is finally getting the levels of attention it desperately needs. Billions of dollars may soon turn into trillions and that spells bad news for an economy that is still in an upswing phase.  […]

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How to Find Unclaimed Money in 2014

You may have looked under your bed, in between your couch cushions and in your car for spare money, but it turns out you only have to search online. Many people are locating unclaimed money via the Internet, and the […]

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Different Ways to Find Lost Money

How many ways can you think of to find lost money? If you said one, two or even none, you’re not alone. Most of the population is clueless on how to find – and reclaim – any money that may […]

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Why Missing Cash is Still on The Rise

As the national debt continues to rise, so does the country’s supply of missing cash. Lost or missing cash is a strange phenomenon. Most people would kill to have an extra hundred, thousand or more dollars in their bank accounts, […]

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Understanding the Lost Money in Texas

The stars at night may be bigger and brighter in Texas, but twinkling heavenly bodies aren’t the only things growing in the Lone Star state. It turns out that the state’s lost money account is growing by the day and […]

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How Easy it is to Find Unclaimed Money in California

California is teeming with unclaimed money and the residents don’t seem to know anything about it. If the hardworking men and women of this great state did know how much California unclaimed money treasurers are currently dealing with, they’d be […]

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Unclaimed Funds, New York

What would you do with $12 billion? It turns out, the people who work in the New York State Comptroller’s office are asking themselves that very question. Unfortunately for them, the twelve-super-large don’t exactly belong to the state. All that […]

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How Does Money Become Misplaced?

If you were to drop all the cash you had in your pockets on the ground or your bank account happened to get hacked, you’d probably tell everyone that you lost all of your money. You wouldn’t say that you […]

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Colorado Unclaimed Funds

Colorado unclaimed funds are once again on the rise and if something isn’t done to stop the flow of missing cash soon, the state may indeed feel the pinch. Every year money goes missing from the average Colorado household. This […]

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