How To Locate And Claim Unclaimed Money In New York

August 6th, 2012 |

If you live in the great state of New York, or even if you used to live there at one time, you will be glad to know that you might be one of the lucky ones that are owed New York unclaimed money. Now wait a minute, you may be asking yourself. How on earth could there be lost or missing money in your name? That’s what you’re thinking, right? Don’t worry, that’s completely common. Many people are completely unaware that they even have money out there when they finally do locate unclaimed money in New York. So sit back, relax and just give in to the notion that you might be lucky in the next few minutes. Then, armed with nothing more than your name, you can conduct a search for this elusive money that might be rightfully yours.


Conducting A Search For Unclaimed Money in New York

Before you can claim unclaimed money in New York, you must first search for it. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to locate unclaimed money in New York. Before computers were in every home and in everyone’s pockets, you used to have to contact investigators who would conduct a thorough search for this money that may belong to you.

The thing is, these investigators never really knew where to look. They knew there might be New York unclaimed money out there, but that’s like saying you know there’s a needle in that haystack. They had to know what corporations were holding the money and which state and federal treasury accounts may have had a sum in their clients’ names.

Still, these investigators would often locate unclaimed money in New York, and in many other states, but the thing is, the people who first wanted the search conducted would have to pay these investigators a cut of the money they’d been hired to find.

Many will say that these people had no idea the money even existed before. According to them, unclaimed money in New York was a myth until money was actually uncovered. So these people should have to pay a cut. After all, the investigator went to a bunch of work to locate unclaimed money in New York. And who cares if they did pay a cut, these people will say. It’s not like they had the money before anyway.

Luckily, the entire point about hiring an investigator and paying someone a cut of your unclaimed money in New York is moot. Today you don’t need to hire anyone to locate unclaimed money in New York. You don’t even need to leave your home. You simply search with your first and last name. That’s it.

The system will locate unclaimed money in New York and you will then be able to claim it.


Claiming Money That Is Rightfully Yours

Before you can start claiming unclaimed money in New York, you will have to verify your identity. This should be easily done with an email or a mailed copy of your birth records. Once you do that and the corporation or organization in question is satisfied, you will be able to locate and claim your unclaimed money in New York and you will be able to spend that money however you want to.

What will you do with the money? Will you pay bills or will you use the money to treat yourself or your family? Maybe a new family vacation is in order. These are questions many New Yorkers have asked themselves after finding New York unclaimed money.

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