$350 Million Of Unclaimed Property In Oklahoma Is Being Brought To The State Fair By Ken Miller

September 11th, 2012 |

If you haven’t heard of Ken Miller and you ever were or are currently an Oklahoma resident then this is a name you don’t want to forget. Ken Miller is the current Oklahoma State Treasurer and is keeping a tradition that started 12 years ago at the state fair. Oklahoma’s state treasury decided to put together and host a booth at their local state fairs in order to try and alert Oklahoma residents of over 5 million dollars in unclaimed property and money. Oklahoma took the initiative to start running these booths over a decade ago to try and counteract their continuously growing unclaimed property issue with their “Pot of Gold” booth.


With Oklahoma’s State Fair starting this Thursday, September 13th, 2012, Ken Miller has decided to keep this tradition running by not only hosting a booth this year but by bringing a list of over 600,000 Oklahoma residents that are owed unclaimed money and property. Over the last 12 years the “Pot of Gold” booth has helped over 11,000 individuals claim and receive over 5 million bucks in Oklahoma unclaimed property and money. This has proven to be a huge accomplishment felt not only by Oklahoma state residents and the State Treasury but also by Ken Miller himself, stating, “”Oklahoma’s economy would get a big shot in the arm if we were able to reunite 600,000 state residents with $350 million. If you go to the fair this year, you need to stop by our booth to see if we have any of your money. Remember, too, that our service is free.”


Ken Miller realizes that by placing these unclaimed funds with the original owners he will not only help solve Oklahoma’s unclaimed property and money problem but in turn it will help give their economy a little boost. State fairs across the country have been hosting booths at their own fairs as well but with 570 Oklahoma residents claiming back almost $400,000 you can clearly see that the Oklahoma State Treasury’s efforts are really “paying” off.


People are always surprised when they find out they are entitled to unclaimed property and money. Most of them don’t even realize why they are owed these funds in the first place. It is actually very interesting how many people leave behind old bank accounts or forget about things like security or utility deposits from their last rental. Sometimes individuals even forget they have taxes due to them or might have money coming back to them from an escrow account on their new home. Other things may occur that will lead to unclaimed property and money like changing life insurance or even auto insurance policies. With so many reasons unclaimed property and money exists it seems strange that more people are not aware of all the different ways to track down and claim the money that is rightfully theirs.


The best part about learning how to find unclaimed property and money is that you don’t have to wait around for your annual state fair to host their own “Pot of Gold” type booth. You can simply check out a site like www.FindUnclaimedMoney.com and use their free search engine to cross reference state treasury databases across the country and see if any unclaimed property and money is due to you today.

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