With Missing Money On The Rise How Will Our Economy Recover

November 29th, 2012 |

Missing money is rising into the billions of dollars nationwide and the problem is only getting worse. With so much money out of the hands of consumers and thus out of circulation, our economy will only dip lower unless we do something about the missing money problem once and for all. What can we do but sit and watch barrels and barrels of people’s hard-earned dollars being delivered to treasury accounts all across the country?

Yet hope is not lost. If you think you might have missing money waiting for you in a treasury account, regardless of the state, you owe it to the state, the nation and the nation’s economy to do something about it. Keep reading to find out what you can do to help solve the missing money problem for good.

So many people, too many in fact, don’t even understand what missing money is and where it even comes from. Missing money comes from everyday citizens doing everyday things. A person moving out of an apartment is mailed back half of the security deposit that was required upon move-in, yet the money never reaches the proper person. That money then becomes missing money. Or maybe it was supposed to be a refund from the utility company that was never sent out or maybe sent to the wrong address and just thrown away and never returned.

The money could be an inheritance, an insurance settlement or anything from almost else, and the money just sits in treasury accounts in all fifty states and even in a few federal treasury accounts and government coffers. The thing to do, if you are a citizen of this nation and you think you might have missing money out there, or even if you’re just a little bit curious, you should search online for missing money today.

To search for missing money, simply use your first and last name in the text boxes on this page. If you do find missing money, you will be able to collect it to spend as you wish. In doing so, you will help the economy by just that much more when it truly can use all of the help it can possibly get right now. Then, if you tell everyone you know about the missing money problem and how easy it is to search for missing money, you will succeed in helping the economy all the more. Keep passing the word on and we may be able to eradicate the missing money situation and help the economy all at the same time.

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