Understanding Unclaimed Money

July 30th, 2013 |

Find Unclaimed Money is a nationwide database that was established for the sole purpose of helping Americans everywhere search for and claim lost or missing money. When money goes missing, it gets sent to the state treasury where it will be added to the vault along with the rest of the state’s unclaimed money. And there this money will sit until the rightful owners announce themselves. If that never happens, the money could sit for years; and much of the country’s missing money has remained dormant for at least that long. It just sits there, gathering dust, waiting for the owners to step forward. Find Unclaimed Money is now ready to take on the responsibility of relocating all of that money to the rightful owners. The owners will have to take the initiative, but they’ll be glad to know that all those missing funds are only an online search away.


Unclaimed MoneyA Problem Worth Billions Of Dollars

The fact of the matter is that understanding unclaimed money becomes important if you think you might be the owner of some of that missing cash. The phenomenon isn’t new; it’s been around for decades, but it has recently grown out of hand. This money originates from bank accounts that have been abandoned, insurance claims that were never mailed to the proper recipient, child support payments, 401K accounts that were never cashed out – these are just a few of the sources of all of this unclaimed money. To make matters worse, most owners of this money don’t even know it exists. This is where Find Unclaimed Money becomes helpful.


Search Find Unclaimed Money And Satisfy Your Curiosity Today

Find Unclaimed Money offers a free search for anyone who thinks they may be the owner of some of this lost or missing money. The database is not affiliated with the treasury in any state or with the federal treasury in any way. Find Unclaimed Money was instead established by a third-party with the hopes of helping Americans everywhere claim what’s rightfully theirs.

The process works like this. The person who’s on the path to understanding Unclaimed Money will visit the Find Unclaimed Money database where they will be asked to enter their first and last name. That’s the entire process. Hit submit, wait for the results, and in an instant you’ll find our whether or not you’re the rightful owner of unclaimed money.

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