Ohio Unclaimed Money Still An Issue

November 26th, 2012 |

A class action lawsuit has recently been settled in the state of Ohio. This class action lawsuit was related to the unclaimed money the state tried to use without their residents’ knowledge. Basically the state used all of the unclaimed money in Ohio to make various low-risk investments. Then the state even tried to take all of the returns and tried keeping it all a big secret by not compensating or notifying the residents of Ohio that this unclaimed money truly belonged to. One would think that investments with unclaimed money that is just sitting there wouldn’t be an issue, but it is clear that it is still a huge issue in the state of Ohio.

Now this is actually a topic that has been floating around for a while now that more and more US citizens are now aware of these unclaimed or missing funds. Some people really don’t see the problem since the money is currently without ownership and wasting government money just to keep track of it and maintain it all. They do not even realize that this money is owned by either themselves or other citizens in Ohio as well. So now hopefully people will realize and understand that this money does in fact belong to someone and taking it and investing it without dispersing the returns in now looking and sounding more like stealing.

This makes it so unclaimed money in Ohio class action lawsuit really needs every ones attention. Ohio unclaimed money is controlled by the Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds. That department is urging all residents who think they may be owed unclaimed money in Ohio to come forward and let themselves be known. They are even urging all US citizens that may have ever lived or been employed or even done any financial business with in the state of Ohio to please come forward and conduct a search as well. Now the problem is just trying to get the word out about all of this and try to reach every single citizen that may be affected or have ties into any of this unclaimed money.

Ohio unclaimed money comes from a variety of sources, reasons and situations. It could come from misplaced or un cashed checks or even from lost or abandoned and forgotten about bank accounts. Sometimes these types of funds come from things like inheritance money or property that is being held by the state due to a missing will or a slow litigation process. In fact the list of examples and reasons that unclaimed money actually comes to exist goes on and on.

So if you think you might at all have five, ten, twenty or hundreds of dollars in Ohio unclaimed money, simply enter your first and last name and submit them to the Find Unclaimed Money database.This database will reveal whether or not you have unclaimed money in Ohio in just a few moments. You will then be able to claim that money via check or direct deposit. If you have unclaimed money in Ohio, you may also be entitled to a settlement due to the recent class action lawsuit ruling. With this ruling being so recent you really don’t want to miss out on your chance to be paid out the return on some of these investments, especially if it was done with your own money.

To find out, search the Find Unclaimed Money database today. Simply use your first and last name and press submit. With Ohio unclaimed money proving such a problem for Ohio state officials and with so much unclaimed money in Ohio state coffers, you should do your part and search as well as spread the word to others so that they too can conduct a search. You might help the state’s economy recover faster than other states and, better yet, you might put more money in your pocket. What more reason do you need to search for Ohio unclaimed money? Unclaimed money in Ohio may be a problem today, but with our help it could become a memory tomorrow.

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