Just Because You Found Money Doesn’t Mean It Was Lost

July 25th, 2013 |

The Find Unclaimed Money database has been set up to accommodate all those who may have lost money through the years. If you found money using the database, that money wasn’t really lost. It wasn’t in your possession, this is true, but it wasn’t lost in the sense that no one had a handle on it. Someone had a handle on the found money, it just wasn’t you. That may sound confusing, but it highlights a growing reality where people are noticing that, much like your found money, their cash was found but was never lost.


Found Money That Was Never Lost

Your found money wasn’t in your possession a month or two months ago. While you may consider that lost, the money was actually being held in a government or corporate bank account. The key is to find out when the money left your possession. You may have abandoned a bank account years ago, or you may have switched jobs and thus missed a final paycheck. These things do happen and all of those errant checks end up in a found money account, much like your found money account.

If the money were truly lost, you might have a much harder time searching for and claiming any money that was owed to you. Can you imagine if you lived in New York and you had to find lost money in the entire state? That would take a lifetime. With the type of found money we’re referring to, and much like your found money, state treasurers and corporate treasurers manage the money until such time as you come forward to claim it.

If you are ready to step forward to claim your found money, log onto the Find Unclaimed Money database. With a simple online search using your first and last name, you can take your found money off the treasurers’ hands so that you can put it back into your pocket or bank account.

found money could be from a utility or security check you may have cutThe found money is not lost, it’s just in limbo. These kinds of funds could be due to an old utility or security deposit check you may have cut or even due to an escrow account when you were going to buy a house, or it could be due to an investment account you haven’t touched in years. Whatever the case, your found money may be out there. It’s time to take action by searching Find Unclaimed Money for the (not lost) found money.

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