Texas Unclaimed Money Might Double In 2013

Texas state treasurers are facing a financial problem that isn’t being reported about in the news. The state, like most other states in the union, is holding onto more than a billion dollars in unclaimed money. This Texas unclaimed money flows in year after year with few ways of tracking it to the rightful owners. The money, which originates from abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, unclaimed tax returns and a dozen other sources, will sit in Texas unclaimed money vaults until the rightful owners come forward. If those owners never come forward, which is a common question, the money will likely double sometime this year.


Why is the Unclaimed Money Problem in Texas Such a Problem?

One would assume that the Texas state government would be thrilled to receive billions of dollars that have been left behind by current and former residents. Unfortunately, the state can’t use a dime of Texas unclaimed money for its own benefit. It can’t fix its budget, use it to pay teachers or fix roads – instead the money must sit in a treasury account until the rightful owners claim it. If the money doubles, it’s going to become a major headache for the state and Texas treasury officials whose job it is to count and manage all that money. What we need is a fast solution to the unclaimed money problem in Texas and we need it fast. Thankfully, we may have found one.


The Solution to the Texas Unclaimed Money Problem

It is incredibly easy to search for Texas unclaimed money. Thanks to the Internet we can now access the Texas treasury database where we can then look for matches in the unclaimed money registry.

help fight the growing money problem in TexasIt’s recommended that you search using your first and last name and any aliases you may have used in the past. It wouldn’t hurt to also search for friends’ and relatives’ names, if they are or used to be Texas residents. You can at least alert them that you found Texas unclaimed money in their name. And who knows, they may split their findings with you.

You should also search for businesses that may be in your name or in the name of someone you know. The unclaimed money problem in Texas is not limited to individuals. Companies represent a big portion of the money sitting in the unclaimed money vault.

If you suspect you may have Texas unclaimed money coming to you or you want to take a shot in the dark, conduct a free search today. It only takes a moment and you’ll be doing your part to help the state rid of itself of the unclaimed money problem in Texas.