The Growing Missing Money Problem

It seems like every day Americans across the country are missing money and U.S. treasurers are worried that the missing money problem could have irreparable effects on the country’s economy. The missing money in question originates from bank accounts that have been abandoned, checks that have been sent to the wrong addresses and never cashed and even tax refunds for returns that were never filed. To solve the missing money problem before the economy suffers, treasurers are urging residents everywhere to point their Internet browsers to an as yet unknown database that just might have the power to solve the missing money problem for good.


Missing Money and the Find Unclaimed Money Database

The database everyone is looking at to solve the missing money problem is called Find Unclaimed Money. Visiting the missing money database’s primary page reveals a search box where you will simply be asked to enter a first and last name. Once the user hits submit, the results are nearly immediate and that means that you could find the answer to help solve the missing money problem in a matter of seconds.

Due to money coming in from all types of sources it really is difficult to keep track of let alone try and solve the problem single handed. Not only do old forgotten about bank accounts, security or utility deposits add to this growing epidemic but other sources contribute daily as well. Like lost IRS refunds or IRA or social security payouts that have also been misplaced. Insurance is another huge contributor with old policy refunds going unnoticed or unclaimed as well as deceased loved ones policies having refunds or being attached to property or funds for their living heir(s).

If your name does match one of the names on the missing money registry, you will be given a file number that you will then give to the treasury so that they can issue you a check or direct deposit. Contact the state’s registry and tell them that you’d like to help solve the missing money problem and then give the person the file number you were just given. After verifying your identity, the treasury will ask for an address so that the missing money can be mailed to you or bank account information if you wish for the money to be deposited directly into your account.

In most cases, you can help solve the missing money problem and have the lost cash in your bank account in a matter of days. The United States treasury hopes that you’ll search and all that missing money isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Search today and you just might part of the solution to the missing money problem.